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At Ministry of She, we passionately believe that our womanly bodies, our female sexuality, how we raise our children, our feminine ancestry and how we connect with each other are sacred feminine paths to meaning and spirituality.

Our mission is to return this Sacred Women's Wisdom to women in validating, life-transforming and completely ordinary ways. Our passion is supporting you to walk strongly and authentically in your very own

Spiritual Path of Motherhood.

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women's circles menstrual wisdom Raising Confident Women menarche

How was your menarche? Your first bleed?

It’s a simple enough question. Though in the 15 years I’ve been asking women in...

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Choosing again, to Love our mothers

Another quick fix landed on my newsfeed this morning. '8 different ways to know you have a...

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Marked as One Who Heals Generations

Not all tattoos hurt, but this one did. I walked out of the Tattoo Parlour, my face hit the...

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