• Isn't it time

    Isn't it time

    To live from your untamed self?
    To be you from the inside out?
  • Is it time to heal

    Is it time to heal

    and authentically re-connect
    to your ancestressal wisdom
    and your mothering
  • Ministry of She

    Ministry of She

    Sacred feminine and mothering
    wisdom for generations of
    mothers and daughters
    ready to change from
    the inside out

Ministry of She

Come home

Haven't you been waiting long enough?

Aren't you tired ... of not feeling connected or fulfilled or inspired?

I get it.

Motherhood ... Life, these middle years, are tough. Reality crashes in somewhere and our dreams, our passions, our hope gets buried under children, work, duty and ... Life

Would you believe me though if I said each one of these things, the very things that seem to be sucking your soul force, squashing your spirit and deadening your heart, can actually be your gateways to a deeply soul filled life?

Because they are. But you need to do something first ...

You need to open to your real self

You need to validate and live from the Truth that is already inside you

You need to trust your mothering soul and your wise womanly body

You need to awaken your deep and sacred inner She.

Her at Ministry of She it is our sacred passion to mother you to your own self mastery.

With our Mother-Daughter courses, MotherQuest and Ancestressal work we nourish, awaken and enliven the magnificence of your inner She ... and bring you home, to the sacred She within you.

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