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Lhamo has walked a conscious spiritual journey since the age of fifteen. A thirty year journey which has culminated in spiritual experiences, teachings and pilgrimages rarely experienced by most people in their lifetime.

On a path to seek her way back to her spiritual core, Lhamo has completed three spiritual pilgrimages, taken refuge in a Dakini Buddhist path, become a student of A Course In Miracles, mystical Christianity and the teachings of Mary Magdalene. Privileged to have experienced womanhood ceremonies in First Nation Apache traditions where she awakened to her Spiritual Path of Motherhood, it is safe to say Lhamo has left no stone unturned as she has searched the world for answers to her spiritual quest.

Lhamo is an Interfaith Reverend ordained in the Interfaith Temple in New York.

In the past Lhamo used her training as both a Minister and a professional counsellor in somatic creative therapies and family constellations to counsel women healing from abuse, reproductive loss and life transitions. Today Lhamo's focus is supporting women and men to stand in full self sovereignty, to connect to their deepest gifts and utilise their Spirit connected wisdom. Lhamo is a spiritual seer, mystic and a conduit of the Sacred Feminine who has a grounded foresight and an embodied knowing of Women’s Mysteries.

Passionate about walking with others to come home to and connect with their own unique and untamed selves, the gifts of their Ancesstral healing and the authentic expression of their embodied wisdom, Lhamo offers a truly unique and life changing experience to those who choose to journey with her.

Lhamo is also a mother of two wonderfully free willed children, a loving step mother to two young adults and wife to her Beloved Peter. Full of love, warmth, character and womanly abundance, Lhamo is a true gift to womankind in their quest to know themselves amidst the demands of life and motherhood.


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The 9 Essential tools and wisdom conversations to help you deepen your capacity to hold Sacred Women's Circles.


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