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Sacred and Sovereign Women's Circle Leadership Training

SO, you are ready to start your own women’s circle OR you're ready to take your sacred women’s work to a whole new level ... 

IF ONLY YOU COULD deepen your circle holding skills and open your instant inner channel so everything would all unfold magnificently ...


> > You are caught in a push pull situ where playing what you already know is safe but HER passion and your need to do this work keeps busting you apart

> > You have been holding space for women for ages and you’re SO ready to dive to the wild deep but the depth of other's big emotions and your lack of skills is leaving you cold

> > You are searching for real sacred women's training that's not so out there that it's intimidating and not so shallow that it's only goddess cards, smoke in 4 directions or millennial sales talk disguised as spirituality lite

What you are looking for is learning and support that can take your womanly self through a powerful training initiation, so you can unpack the knowledge you have already have AND can take you way deeper.

You are looking for women's circle mentoring that is as practical as it is transformational and as validating as it is deeply spiritual. 

You are ready for an intensive, in person sacred women’s training that will create life and community changing leadership from your SHE Given Gift of Feminine Insight

If this is you then join me in a transformational, confidence building and deeply sacred training program to become a spiritually grounded and self-empowered
Women’s Circle Leader

Since 2012 the Sacred Feminine has been rising and wave after wave of women are been hearing the call to stand in their power, spread out their wings and explore deeper levels of sisterhood, connection and empowerment. If you know you are part of Her Awakening and you have investing and preparing for what feels like right now ... but

You have been burnt by women in the past and you know that it’s beyond time to shift this resistant block
You are looking for deeper training but don’t want to follow someone else’s formula or stay in a superficial paradigm
You often feel overwhelmed by all that your soul passion demands of you and you are looking for a way out of struggle into joy and success

Then take my hand and join our Leadership Program, where we support you to bring every aspect of your own Sacred Feminine Gift into our world.

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In our grounded, women centred and life changing Women's Circle Training program you will be shown how to unpack your Sacred Feminine gifts from the inside out. With reverence and play, you will learn the tools to inspire others while also staying connected to your most vulnerable feminine self.

You will skilfully be given opportunities to practice being an inspirational woman who leads her tribe with humility, uniqueness, equality, authenticity and sovereignty. Our aim is to support you to know from experience, that you really do have everything you need within you to hold and lead incredible women's circles.

Sacred & Sovereign Sister Circle Training is a 4 month in person program

that will give you the intimate mentorship, tools and practical experiences to powerfully create and lead your own sacred and deep circles women’s. To apply for the training, you must be already or about to start leading your own women’s circles. 

There is also an Advanced Certification Option available involving Assessment tasks, 1:1 mentoring and the completion of your own Circle Leader's Sacred Handbook. By Application only Click here

This training is not simply an introduction to women's circle facilitation. It is a masterclass training for women holding groups of women and ready to unleash their sacred capacity in transformational and revolutionary ways.

This training is for :

  • Women circle facilitators wanting to be a bridge between their sacred work and their mainstream community
  • Women who work with small informal groups of women and want to deepen their capacity to hold all
  • Women running mother & daughter groups and seeking accessible sacred body wisdom
  • Women who want to lead in softer bodied, less guarded, more authentically open & reverently feminine ways
  • Yoga teachers, sound healers and light workers wishing to powerfully and effectively Priestess their world
  • Counsellors, social workers, teachers and  complimentary health practitioners who want to take their wisdom from 1:1 clients into more soulful and sacred group work
  • Inspirational leaders who are already holding women’s circles and know they need to deepen their capacity to hold the wild feminine, strengthen their boundaries and sharpen their compassionate insight.

Over our 4 months together you will powerfully and gracefully, awaken, trust and lead from your Embodied Mystical Sacred and Feminine Knowing

During the training, you will learn in-depth grounded circle leading tools formed from women’s embodiment practices, sacred sexuality, group dynamics and conscious listening skills. You will also be held as you face your feminine shadows, clear your leadership sabotage and exit patterns, learn profound group-work tools and experience mystery initiations that will give you irrefutable proof that you truly know your wisdom.

You will be nurtured and encouraged as you joyfully learn and practice powerful Women’s Circle Leadership

We will start from your authentic inner experiences and then you will learn the skills to create immaculate sacred space, experience Interfaith and Sacred Women's ceremonies, discover how to read the rhythms of your groups etheric and astral connections, maintain impenetrable boundaries, open your womb matrix, learn to deal with tricky situations, embrace your challenging participants and create awesome programs that you adore leading.

From this comprehensive training you will have an abundant inner centred tool kit to grow your women’s circles and sacred work.

This training will open you to a new level of trusting your inner knowing and it will give you the wisdom to confidently step out and make a difference in your community.

It will give you both the mystical and practical experience of leading others from your body's wisdom and show you how powerfully your soul gift can fulfil you in every area of your personal and professional life.

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I held my first 'circle' when I was 8 years old and artfully managed to freak out my friends completely! Thankfully, my skills improved and by 24 with 3 years of intense psychic development behind me, I started facilitating my own spiritual development circles.

Now with decades of practice, profound initiations, being ordained as a Minister in New York and hundreds of women's circles behind me, it is my passion to share my knowledge and mastery with you. 

Lhamo x

paperbackstack 550x498Over 4 months with other circle leading sisters, you will:

  • Learn to hold immaculate women’s space
  • Craft your own deeply sacred, multi layered and transformational rituals and ceremonies
  • Discover how to trust, form and hold the etheric and subtle body experiences of your group
  • Explore dance, sexuality, presence and silence as a transformative practices
  • Learn the women craft of sacred witnessing 
  • Discover your capacity to transform others through your compassionate presence
  • Gracefully maintain your Boundaries, Circle Intentions and Parameters with impeccable integrity
  • Facilitate tender and challenging issues with humility, transparency and aware listening
  • Shift the shame, fear and inner blocks that stop you from being in unconditional sisterhood
  • Unleash your radiant conduit of Sacred Feminine Wisdom
  • Explore 8 sacred aspects of women’s body wisdom so you can lead your world from inside out!

For detailed course curriculum and training specifications click here

Our intention is that you will graduate from this training
Sacredly Wise and Sovereign in Self
knowing that you truly are a modern Priestess in our world.

Course starts: Friday Evening May 5th 2017 in Tallebudgera Valley Qld, 7 pm - 10 pm

then 10am - 6.30pm on Saturday 6th May, Saturday 10th June, Saturday 15th July, Saturday 12th August.


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Women’s Circle

Leadership Training


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The 9 Essential tools and wisdom conversations to help you deepen your capacity to hold Sacred Women's Circles.


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