Raising Confident Women

Raising Confident Women

A life-changing experience for Mothers and Girls

There she is, one minute playing with her dolls and being your baby girl. It's almost impossible to imagine that there will ever be a time that you're not the centre of love in her world.

But then it happens.

In what feels like a minute, your baby becomes an hormonal force of nature. Arguing with you, wrestling your authority and testing every one of your limits. Or maybe she's become an enigma, silent and unreachable and you have no idea of how to connect with her again?

You know you want her to be confident, self assured and empowered. You also know you definitely don't want to repeat the same hurts that you experienced. But somedays your emerging women challenges you so far beyond your comfort and even competency zones.

Your heart yearns to stay connected to her and to support her to trust in her dreams, to love her body, and to stay permanently connected to her heart, but at times feel you so out of your depth ...

Where do you go to for support, to grow new skills, to refuel your heart while you raise your daughter into womanhood?

Ministry of she

Rites of Passage

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You can stay magnificently connected to your daughter through her teen years!

Not only that, you can also nurture the space in your relationship for you both to grow, stay close and be authentically yourselves.

Our Raising Confident Women Project comes after working with hundreds of women and noticing that at the core of many women's challenges in feeling whole as women and mothers, is their lack of women's body wisdom and Women's Rites of Initiation.

Through mother and daughter celebration journeys, coming of age courses and monthly wise mother circles, Ministry of She is supporting a generation of mothers to become the Wise Ones. the women who will not only stay richly connected to their children through puberty and adolescence, but will pave the way for Rites of Passage celebrations to become as every day as brushing our teeth.

Every mother has imprinted in her soul the capacity and wisdom she needs to hold herself and her child through their journey to adulthood and self-sovereignty. We are committed to returning this wisdom to you. We are raising our confident connected children by supporting and uplifting the feminine wisdom in ourselves.

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Confident Girls

Celebration Journey
For girls aged 9 - 11 years

Becoming Women

Body wisdom & self esteem
For women aged 11 - 13 years

Wise Mother Circle

Support for you
For mums of boys and girls

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The 9 Essential tools and wisdom conversations to help you deepen your capacity to hold Sacred Women's Circles.


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