• To all the courageous women  reclaiming

    To all the
    courageous women

  • Their Spiritual Path through Motherhood

    Spiritual Path
    through Motherhood

  • This wisdom  is for YOU!

    This wisdom
    is for YOU!

13 mandalas of sacred mother wisdom


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Every woman, at a certain age, becomes a mother to something.

Every woman in becoming a mother holds within her every tool, every capacity and every thing, needed to be the Mother her creative child requires her to be.

Once women's capacity to create, bring forth and nurture creative life was revered. Once women knew how to honour themselves and each other through the trials and triumphs of their mothering path. Once Motherhood was considered an epic initiation of a woman's soul into her own authentic self mastery.

MotherQuest will return you to your truth of this knowing.

Page in labour and will be birthing soon!

  • Kimitra


    I was drawn to MotherQuest by the sheer gravity of the work Lhamo has created. Personally, I was very resistive to the idea of joining a women's group when I felt that I had so little in common with most women.

    Lhamo goes above & beyond what I would have expected from a facilitator, helping each person connect with, & benefit from, MotherQuest.

    Joining MotherQuest is not for the feint-hearted - it will move you way beyond your comfort zone to a space more welcoming and challenging than you could ever have imagined. Forget moving from a caterpillar to a butterfly, this takes you to a whole different planet!

    Kimitra Williams
    Kinesiologist, Aged 33

  • Kylie


    I was looking for something, but I didn't know what it was. I'd reached a point in my life where I knew the changes in my relationships had to come from me. MotherQuest has been the most amazing journey of spirit and wisdom.

    I've read nearly every self-help book, but still could not find the answers I was looking for. MotherQuest's 13 mandalas of self-mastery have been like a door opening to a new way of being. I'm learning to love better, forgive myself and others and create the life I really want.

    I recommend this course for any woman in her mothering years, it will unlock your amazing beautiful potential. The changes I have made every month have been manageable but significant. Lhamo teaches in both a spiritual and practical way. My partner and family agree, MotherQuest has been the most worthwhile investment we have made in our happiness.

    Kylie Galway
    Aged 44

  • Kyla


    My ears first pricked up when I came across the name MotherQuest as a mother of 6, I am always open to activities that are going to support me in my mothering. However, don't be fooled into thinking that the name 'Motherquest' is only for mothers. It's for women. Young and old and in between.

    Lhamo is the most authentic woman I've had the honour to meet. An amazing facilitator who has produced an incredibly powerful and transformative body of work. She is so skilled at creating an atmosphere of love and support that One can only feel safe, nurtured and heard.

    What Lhamo has created and is now sharing with the world, is not just a journey that one embarks upon with other women, but a journey back home, to yourself. I am profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this work and urge any woman who may feel drawn or curious to step into it. It truly is an extraordinary adventure.

    Kyla Levi
    Mother of 6, Aged 45

  • Megan

    There’s so much more to being a woman and being fully who I am than I ever imagined!

    MotherQuest was recommended to me by a friend but intially I baulked at the financial and time commitment – not sure whether MotherQuest would be a wise investment. I am now halfway through the 12 month journey and I can’t imagine that anything else I could have done would have taken me to the depths of understanding that I am finding within myself.

    I love that MotherQuest is so specific to the journey of womanhood. I think there are very valuable and crucial experiences to being a woman that society does not support or celebrate which robs us of our power. Not aggressive power, but deep, authentic, centred, wise, peaceful and loving power.

    The reason that is so important to me is because these are exactly the qualities I am choosing to nurture within me to be a friend to myself, my family, friends, colleagues and the community that surrounds me. I truly believe that the healing our world starts with fully inhabiting our authentic selves, to shine the Truth of our own light fully. This is where we light each other’s candles...

    Lhamo's gentle, firm, wise but always loving guidance has taken me on a journey I really needed to go on. It's like having open heart surgery with Lhamo as a most gentle, wise, skilful and loving surgeon.

    I’m feeling more free and I'm learning to drop the bags I’ve been hauling behind me for a long time. I am also reclaiming lost parts of me, discovering my hidden depths and learning to let go in order to become free. I am finding deeper love, wisdom, peace and purpose. I am valuing myself as a whole woman.

    Megan Forward
    Illustrator & Professional Artist, Aged 47

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