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13 Moons

stay lovingly close to your changing girl : learn women's body wisdom : create your own wise mother tribe 

13 Moons

Are you a mother of a rapidly changing daughter?

Are you determined to stay close to your precious girl, even though everyone is warning you that you won't?

Are you looking for the women's body wisdom your mother never taught you but have no time to do the research and well, it all makes you feel out of your depth?

Are you looking for a supportive community of other mum's like you, or guide to help you have those tricky conversations - but you don't know where to go or how to start?

If this is you then you're in the right place!

We are here to help you and your girl do 3 amazing things:

Stay lovingly connected
Learn essential body wisdom
Nurture your own mother daughter tribe

13 Moons ~ Celebrating your girl's journey into womanhood

Here at Ministry of She we are totally committed to bringing sacred wisdom back into every day life.

We want you to rock your world with connection and meaning from the inside out. We want you to trust and cherish your womanly body and totally express your gorgeous authentic heart.

We are also beyond passionate about raising a generation of empowered girls!

Our vision is for all girls to transition through puberty knowing the wisdom and wonderment of their feminine bodies. We want them to trust their awesomeness from the inside out. We know self-aware and body-connected girls are a feminine force to be reckoned with and we are committed to unleashing that power!

We also believe the best person to guide a girl into womanhood is her Mum.

As mothers ourselves we get first hand how exhaustingly hard it is to raise a spirited child without support! So we hatched a program that we believe can give you and your puberty girl, exactly what you need.

A year long or 13 moon online program that nourishes your mother-daughter love, educates your wisdom toolkit and supports you to create your very own Wise Mama Tribe! 

In 13 Moons you will learn the tools to effortlessly support your girl to love her changing body, own her budding sexuality, value her uniqueness and celebrate her capacity to be in equal partnership with boys and men. 

We are also committed to playing our part in having every mother of every pubescent girl supported by her own wise mother tribe. Your very own circle of conscious, body-wise, sexuality honouring, authentically whole, self-loving, empowered mothers. 

Women are always stronger when held by a tribe of wise heart sisters!

13 Moons ~ A priceless guide for mothers of changing girls 

Every full moon for 13 months you will receive:

  • A PDF playbook filled with information, activities and body wisdom to help you grow and stay close to your changing girl

  • New topics to discuss and explore to gather, enrich and deepen in your very own Mother-Daughter tribe

  • Bonus discounts and packages for upcoming Ministry of She programs and events

However, the best part is you will have 24/7 access to our members only online forum for support, encouragement, positivity and belonging!

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Every full moon you will receive a Playbook that will have:

Mother & Daughter Connection tools:

So that you can effortlessly dive into conversations about embracing change, facing fears, creating time, defining boundaries, learning each other's needs and love languages, family dynamics, sharing intimacy, encouraging authenticity and tools to stay heart warmingly connected through this time of change.

Sacred Body Wisdom:

So you can confidently explore the peace of meditation, consciously explore the emotional stages of menarche, prepare for her first period, teach her own to use her cycle as a self-awareness tool, model self-kindness, keep your girl body safe at sleepovers and online, empower her body sovereignty, nourish her self love, have age appropriate versions of The Talk, celebrate birth positivity and learn women's body information that you won't find in regular books.

Circle work and community building: 

So that you can create safety and trust with new friends, joyfully form your group agreements, practice immaculate boundaries, grow tools to support and empower each other (and not fix or collude in negativity or wounding), share leadership, build heart warming belonging and explore on topic discussion points to help you open up, dive deep and nurture your own incredible circle of supportive sisterhood!

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How to make the most of this course:

This course is geared to support mothers who have daughters going through puberty and adolescence.

That means we are talking to mothers of girls between the age of eight (which is early, though becoming more common) and 18 years of age. The course is for you, the Mum - to support you to access the insight and information that can radically change how your girl experiences growing into her womanhood.

A significant part or this course is also helping you create your own Mother-Daughter Tribe.

While we can't tell you what to do, our strongest wish is that you gather 5 or more other mothers in your local area, women who you feel would be a perfect mix of personality and capacity, and collectively create a Wise Mama Tribe. This part of the course is worth investing in on its own - and can be applied for mother-daughter groups of all ages!

Actually, we so strongly desire to help you that we will give every group of 6 mother's or more who sign up and join our program a free one hour Circle Deepening or Issue Clearing Skype session with Lhamo (worth $350). it is valid for 6 months from sign-up. All that needs to happen is you all join this course, then send us an email with your names and let us know you are a group.

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About your Guide-ess:

Reverend Lhamo is a Counsellor, Chief Wise Mama at Ministry of She and a Priestess in every sense of the word. She's also a mum, which to date is her most rewarding and challenging job. In a past life, back in the 1990’s, Lhamo not only worked in childcare, was a respite carer of kids with special needs and a bona fide Life. Be In It. Coach (remember that?!) for Primary Schoolers. She has also worked with women for nearly 30 years as a Counsellor, Women’s Wisdom Facilitator and an Interfaith Minister.

This work, !3 Moons and the Confident Women's Project is part of Lhamo’s spiritual calling, which is the Spiritual Path of Motherhood. 13 Moons draws on 15+ years of teaching menstrual and sexual sovereignty and nearly 30 years of sitting in sacred circle with women.

Most importantly however, Lhamo is a mama of her own changing girl. A fiery (5 planets in Sagittarius with Leo Rising) red-head and she knows first hand what it feels like to  raising a highly spirited changing girl! Lhamo is right there with you - which makes this work even more special!


We are so passionate about supporting you and your girl and your tribe, we want to make sure it's easy to access this awesome resource!

Your investment is only $25 per person a month! 

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The 9 Essential tools and wisdom conversations to help you deepen your capacity to hold Sacred Women's Circles.


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