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MotherLine Healing

 transform your maternal lineage & relationships : become the Strong Woman for future generations

Although there are unlimited reasons why women come to Motherline Healing, over the past decade we've seen that there are three main calls for women to complete this course:

Firstly, it's time to heal the now intolerable wounds of family dysfunction, relationship disconnection, conflict or the unbearable emptiness that comes from having a rift in your mother - daughter relationships.

Or you are finished with being both the problem child in your family and a wise one in your world, or the family fight starter and a light working clean eating pacifist elsewhere, or the family wounded one and also a worldly leader, or any other contradiction that your family and adult life pull you into. And you've recognised that even though you live 1000's of miles away from your Family of Origin, the same struggles and core woundings still play out in your relationships, in how you express yourself and in your adult world. You know it's time to fix this and are looking for ways to learn how.

Lastly, you know categorically that you are the woman of your generation that says 'the buck stops with me'. You know you are here to break the toxic patterns, inherited wounding and patterns of disconnection and so allow future generations to come through clear. You know you have born into your bloodline to do your own soul healing and also let the wild rivers of maternal love, run through your women's line wisely, uninhibited and clear.

It IS possible to have deep soul peace with your mother and the women of your MotherLine.

It is also possible to open to an unconditional source of maternal love, connection and belonging - even if your mother-daughter relationship is strained, absent or beyond repair. Because the secret to feeling joyful, content and nurtured as an adult daughter and finding peace with your mother starts with one very simple truth ...

Transforming your mother daughter relationships doesn't just start with you ~ or your mother.

Lasting Mother Daughter healing starts with your Ancestresses

MotherLine Healing Course

MotherLine Healing Course

Open to the love & wisdom,
not the wounding, of your mother's line

This course is a seven stage journey of transformation, that will give you the tools and opportunities to radically transform your life as a daughter, woman and mother.

It is both mystical and infinitely practical, and combines real life psycho-therapeutic skills with sacred transformational ritual and ceremony.

Tenderly, reverently and with skillful insight, MotherLine Healing will shift how you relate to your family, whilst also healing your past and maintaining your authentic self expression.

It will give you the tools and insights needed to heal any inherited shame, fear, anger and disconnection to not only transform your present relationships but to positively affect seven generations of your MotherLine forwards and backwards in time.

Next Course : First Online Course
Starts Monday October 31st 2016

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The 9 Essential tools and wisdom conversations to help you deepen your capacity to hold Sacred Women's Circles.


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