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Sacredly Male

a transformational journey into our relationship with the sacred masculine

Sacredly Male

Sacredly Male - Online Journey

What if our boys were our healing gifts from the Divine Masculine?

What if our soul was given a sacred contract, a healing gift that was exactly the shape of our quirky, challenging, sometimes exasperating boy who is now rapidly changing into a man?

What if the way we see men and masculinity has nothing to do with them and infact everything to do with our own path of healing and meaning?

What would happen if we did the inner work, the soul growth, the conscious journeying that radically healed and then celebrated our relationship with the sacred masculine? 

Imagine what could change for future generations of men, women and children if you were the mother who stopped the generational woundings and raised her son to stand authentically in his wholeness?

This is our intention in Ministry of She's online course Sacredly Male.

Ministry of she HONOURING THE

Sacred Masculine

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Transforming our relationship to the Sacred Masculine

Join us on an adventure into our own relationship with all that is male and masculine, through the gift that is being a mother of a boy. An insightful journey of personal growth and healing for perfectly imperfect mothers raising their boys to be authentically whole, self connected and conscious men.

Can we raise ourselves in order to raise our sons into their full goodness and authenticity?

Can we stand fully in our feminine sovereignty and through clear, connected inner knowing and joy, inspire our boys - and men folk - to be their truest, clearest most loving selves?

Can we come to see men and masculinity as profoundly as we see the Sacred Feminine?

Are you ready to do the inner work that being a women who loves soulful men and being a mother of a boy's soul, requires us to do?

If you answered yes, then this course is for you.


Sacredly Male ~ A soul journey of Healing & Awakening

Over 13 weeks we will travel through 7 spirals of awakening that came from taking 25 years of Sacred Feminine work, to a circle of awesome men. We will explore as woman and mothers of boys, our personal relationship to all things masculine.

Of course we are not ever going to be experts of what it is to be or become a man. That wisdom is NOT in our biology. It’s sacred men’s business and quite frankly non of ours.

What is our business IS knowing, healing and wholing until holy, our inner and outer relationships with the Sacred Masculine. That is, witnessing our patterns, beliefs, wounded stories, perceptions of sexual behaviour, stereotypes and lack of understanding, that keep us in behaviour that emasculates or unknowingly hurts or pushes our boys away.


It is a circle of self-discovery and feminine self-mastery geared for mothers of boys - however the work is relevant for any woman wanting to explore her relationship with the sacred masculine.

This work ultimately is about you and your inner relationship with masculinity, as reflected and experienced through your relationship with the boys and men in your world. Our deep intention to raise a generation of wholehearted, sexually dignified and authentically self expressed men - our aim is to start this by facing, healing and knowing ourselves.

It is our call to support and nurture healthy, effective and whole communities. Communities where each individual stands accountable for ending their internal conflicts, the conflict they have with women and with men, and where love and sacred respect is the platform that they engage their world from.

Over 13 weeks we will explore and heal:

Our inherited wounds from our masculine ancestry
Our expectations and reactions from our childhood relationship with our fathers
Our knowledge and awareness of men's sacred sexual anatomy
Our respect and acknowledgement of the men's Sacred Wheel of Life and their Rites of Passage
Our wounds and wisdom scars created in relationship with men and how they affect our relationship with our boys
Our patterns of emasculation and how our shadow shows up in our need to control
Our awareness of our boys innocence and our committment to their advocacy
Our soul contracts with the fathers of our boys and the boys themselves.
You will also have access to an online forum where you can dive deeper and receive support and inspiration from other women.

NEXT COURSE STARTS ONLINE : Tuesday February 28th 2017

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