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For many women, the struggle for acceptance, nurturing and peace within their mother's comes with such yearning and pain that it often feels unbearable.

As a consequence decades pass with women travelling through their life passages from maiden into a woman in love, a married woman into motherhood and motherhood into midlife with gaping holes, wounds and layers of hurt.

These patterns are coped with, either by swinging into complete disconnection and no relationship or into a craving for a nurturing connection that never seems to heal.

This can end. We can show you how.

Anecestressy VIP Mentoring & Support 

If you know it IS THE TIME to heal but you would like extra support and guidance, then our VIP option is for you.

In our VIP option, you will receive :

  • The same magnificent Ancestressy course materials
  • 2 x 60 minute Zoom or face to face sessions with Lhamo
  • Bonus materials

Strictly Limited Places Available. Investment $797


A final message ...

It's time in our history for women to awaken our herstories and realise that our painful mother-daughter relationships are caused by much bigger issues than we think.

It's not you or your mother. It's not a wound either.

Healing your MotherLine and reclaiming your Ancestresscy is
The Sacred Work of women alive in this radically transformative time.

This course is not a map but a spiral of discovery.

It was gifted to me by my Ancestresses as a way to heal seven generations forwards and backwards in time. Now with love and reverence, it is a gift from my healed motherline, to yours. Through this course, you too can reclaim and live in the strength of knowing your Ancestresscy. It's time.

I hope you will join me.

Lhamo xx