Women's Rites of Initiation

enrolments now open for April 2023

26th to 30th of April 2023
Residential Retreat

Surrender into Mystery

From an ancient calling deep within her bones, a woman hears the call to return home to the mysteries within her.

Our temples have been broken, the old ways banned, broken and destroyed and yet, every generation, the sacred Rites are born again by those vowed to restore them.

The sacred ways prevail.

Ministry of She now offers Women's Rites of Initiation for women born women to initiate their whole selves through the gateway of the Embodied Sacred Feminine Mysteries.

Group 136@2x
Group 135@2x

Enter five days of profound sacredness. In ceremony, ritual and initiation, you will experience restoration, purification and integration of your lost parts and divine feminine soul.

You will restore your inner gnosis.
You will vanquish the darkness that denies your joy.
You will remarry the divinity of your purest inner being, and you will drop into all that your soul is ready to bring forth and make real in this lifetime.

Mystical, potent, powerful and profoundly transformational, Women's Rites is your initiation into your Self.

The Anthropos of Divine Truth

within you.


let your soul lead you home

Ancient Remembering

Made New For Now

The initiation of Rites is timeless and unspeakable. No words can honour the beauty of this awakening.

Every woman called to Rites already knows this place within her. It is ancient, ageless and amaranthine. A sacred birthright belonging to all women born women.

Lhamo first awakened her cell encoded wisdom spontaneously when she was seventeen years old.

Thirteen years later, during a Priestess Rites, initiation guided by Varuna Dargan, Lhamo stepped into this gateway again.

This time, she came home to a
known place inside herself.

Group 133@2x
Group 132@2x

Over the next thirteen years on an internal path of sacred feminine mystery and self-mastery, Lhamo also experienced the same vortex held by the SheMatrix and Varuna's teacher, Anna Davidovich.

Twenty-six years after awakening this portal inside herself, Lhamo was told it was time to initiate women weaving the wisdom of this portal for another generation of women.

Honouring the profound sacredness of Rites Lhamo only works with women she has journeyed with ensuring efficacy, safety and sanctity of this process.

Women's Rites of Initiation is open to women exploring the sacred works offered through the Ministry of She.

There is no training pre-requisite for attending Rites although a one to one meeting with Lhamo is required.


Restore Sacredness
& Sisterhood

Gift yourself a moment out of the ordinary to create new ways of seeing and being seen by women. Create timeless and irreplaceable friendships.


Dissolve into
Mystery & Magic

Experience the otherworld of purely sacred feminine mystery. Surrender into four days of purification, preparation, ritual and ceremony.

Sacred_MQ (3)

Awaken new
Depths of Wisdom

Refresh your inner sacredness, awaken new wisdom, heal and soften. Deepen into the timeless magic of profoundly sacred women's way.


The Details

Experience the
transformational Rites of the primordial Sacred Feminine

Venue : To be confirmed

Location : Gymea Eco Retreat and Spa

Dates : 26th April to Sunday 30th of April 2023

Meals: All delicious meal catered for by our top-class caterer. Please register your food preferences on sign up.

Massage : All attendees will receive a luxurious one hour massage and spa circuit in preparation for their initiations.

*This is an alcohol-free retreat

**Investment does not include airport transfers (although pick up from Coolangatta airport could be arranged through ride-sharing with other participants).

Group 130@2x
Group 129@2x

Enter the gateway of your
feminine birthright

To birth Her, the Sacred Feminine within you, you must first own your shadow. For hidden in your deep underworld or sacred darkness are the seeds of your Divine wholeness aching for light.

Rites connects your light to your hidden mystery and your abandoned truth to your soul's light and together, freed from the restraints of trauma and conditioning you will shift all that limits your sacred authenticity. In a wordless place of embodied transformation, you will touch the matrix of soul encoded in Potentiality.

Time stands still. Initiation begins. Transformation happens.

A new woman

then walks on the earth.

Women's testimonies



"Thank you, Lhamo for sharing your immense wisdom with me. Thank you for creating safety, unconditional love, transformational beauty. I will be forever grateful for your part in reminding me who I am and Women's Way."




"All I knew when I arrived was that I wanted it. I wanted it all and I knew it was cooking inside me. What I didn't know then but what I am now taking away with me is that only I can give myself permission to have the joy that I want. I have never known this as a felt sense to be true and now I KNOW it IS true.

You have shown me that I am Holy, and there are no actions or words that I can share in exchange for that except thankyou Dear God thankyou. Lhamo thank you. Thank you. Thank you."




"You have created changes in my life and stirred me so well to heal and love and see the parts of meI didn't know - to find me.I am more me than I have ever felt and I feel like a total Goddess!

I wish that all woman could feel as loved, beautiful, powerful and held as I do after this weekend. Thank you for keeping this work alive. I am so grateful to know and love you."




"Lhamo the wisdom you allow yourself to receive and live and share is breakthrough. And as needed as food and water! About Rites - Fuck Me! I never knew how you could continue outdoing yourself and my expectation, but you just did it again!

At first, I thought the price tag was decent. Now I'm like what??? The worth of what we just received, the amount of work you've done and the enormous amount of detail is mindblowing - you've rocked my world again!

And beyond that thank you! I love you dearly."



The Details




A sumptuous four-night / five-day retreat in majestic northern NSW. The Sisterhood package includes twin accommodation and private ensuite and all meals, spa circuit, an hour massage, teachings, rituals, ceremonies and full participation in Sacred Rites. Share a beautiful room with your circle sisters or meet and make lifelong friends.

Early bird

Early Bird Savings of $250 until 1st June 2022



Enjoy the luxury of a king-sized bed in your own private room, while also drinking in the beauty and potency of women's rites. This solitude package gifts all the benefits of the spa circuit, an hour massage, teachings, ceremonies and participation in Sacred Rites and the sanctity of four nourishing days of personal space.

Early bird

Early Bird Savings of $250 until 1st June 2022

Save your place

Please know both due to the nature of this sacred work, we have capped the maximum attendance at 13 participants. To reserve your beautiful place and gift yourself an experience that will last a lifetime, please choose your preferred accommodation option as soon as possible and either pay in full
or pay a $250 holding deposit to secure your place.

Once you have paid, all applicants are to fill out an application form.
All money will be refunded if the application is not successful.

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