MOTHERQUEST : soul compass


You are seeking the Soul Landscape of

Spaciousness Authenticity

Beautiful woman, we hear you. It is time you had a break.

But not just a holiday or an afternoon alone, it's time for some real spaciousness in your life.

It is time for you to let go of who you think you need to be and rest into the vast, limitless possibility of who you truly are.

It is time to let go of the edges you define yourself with, the notions around what you can and are not able to do and sink into the boundless spaciousness of your soul’s authenticity. It is time to throw off the shackles, and the chains of expectations to emerge as the real you.

It is time to authenticate your world from the inside out and bring every aspiration your soul is yearning for into reality.

By using the Soul Compass and choosing into the soul landscape of authenticity, by arriving here, your soul is asking you two very specific things:

  • It’s time you let go of the stories that keep you stuck in the out-dated version of yourself, and…
  • It’s time to stop wishing things will change in the future, and take the action that would bring freedom into your life -- right now.

You have arrived here because some part of your life has become stagnant and restricted.

Are you bored? Has your life become mundane? Do you feel like you are caught in a hamster wheel where every day feels like its washed out and beige? Has your world narrowed itself into endless monotony? Are you yearning for inspiration, or at least some quiet time to hear yourself thinking?

By arriving here in the seventh Soul Landscape, the Terrain of Authenticity, your soul is letting you know that this pattern will soon be over; change is coming, but not necessarily on the surface (in the doing of your life). Change is coming because it is time that you changed the thoughts you think. The truth of this soul territory is


You are vast, limitless and indefinable.


Your soul is airy, spacious and filled with potential.

She is both form and formlessness and what blocks her from reaching her infinite potential is the heaviness of your beliefs about the past. Its time to release your outdated thoughts and behaviours - completely!

You are so much more amazing than you think!


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