MOTHERQUEST : soul compass


You are seeking the Soul Landscape of

Fearless Aliveness

Precious One, we know how hard you work to keep your life in order.

We know the courage your everyday life requires you to face. We also know the vulnerability you hide from just about everyone and how hard you try to keep everything perfect and in great shape.

We also can see how your fears are controlling you.

We see how much you at times bargain with the voices inside your head rather than trust the voice of love instead. You have just stepped into the sacred soul landscape of endings and beginnings; your soul is ready to show you that a new cycle is about to start.

Arriving here means you have just crossed a precipice. It is time you let go of your need for control and instead open to your soul blueprint of being radically alive.

Being organised is a virtue. So is having the capacity to take responsibility and get things done. However, sometimes this can tip into the shadowy illusion that you alone are the caretaker of the whole world! By drawing this inner landscape your soul is urging you to let go of the fear grip you live with and open instead to trusting the goodness of life.

By arriving in this the fourth landscape of your Mothering Soul you have entered the sacred terrain of Death Mother. Contrary to what the name may evoke in you, this is not a time of grief or sadness.

You have stepped into the terrain of a truth our disconnected world does not want to face, the truth of the cyclic nature of birth, death and rebirth.

Arriving here means that your soul is ready and if not a little desperate, for you to choose to let go of struggle and open to the expansion that is being fearlessly alive. Can you let go of the control steering wheel?

Are you willing to choose what really matters in your life? Can you let go of your fears and open to being audaciously alive?


The truth of this soul territory is impermanence.


In any moment your choices can make either love or fear real.

Your soul is longing for the comfort that only comes by wholeheartedly surrendering to trusting that Life IS Good and full of Love.

Which are you going to choose?


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