MOTHERQUEST : soul compass


You are seeking the Soul landscape of

Self Loving Kindness

We know you are tired.

We know your load is challenging, we know that too often life feels too hard to bear. Our wish is to wrap you in the softest of blankets and gently rub away your cares.

You have stepped into the second sacred landscape of your Mothering soul, the terrain of Loving Kindness and it is time to return your heart and body to a place of gentleness and innocence. It is time to rest. It is time to stop. It is time you allow your body to repair.

As one of the four initiatory soul gateways, choosing this soul landscape heralds a time of rebirth. Your soul is calling for you to live your life filled with a greater level of tenderness, kindness and embodied self-care. You have arrived into this soul landscape for a reason.

The blueprint of your soul never had cruelty as a goal for you. It’s time you stopped.

It is time you remembered how lovely you actually are and how much you deserve to be as good to yourself as you are with others. It is also especially important right now that you practice radical compassion to your soft, warm and womanly body. She has blessings to give you that will remain out of your reach while you treat your body with neglect, abuse or a lack of respectful loving care.

On some level, the shadow state of cruelty has blocked your knowing of love and it has interrupted your daily practice of self-respect and self-nourishment.

Are you ready to make your body’s need for loving self-kindness a priority in your life?

You are Divine and in Truth, you are only Love.

It’s not true that you don’t know how to love yourself, your essence is already loving. You know, quite expertly how to love and care for others, but you have spent too long denying yourself the receiving of it. Your soul needs this to change, now.

By stopping your body and soul from receiving the natural flow of love, you are in effect depriving yourself of the natural awakening of your extrasensory perception and the activation of your subtle energetic matrix. The embodied gifts endowed to all women born female.

We are not living in a time where Clair-audience, energetic healing or multiple full-bodied orgasms are ‘woo woo’ or things of fiction. They are all parts of our awakened human potential. But there is no way you can access these gifts if your days are filled with unkindness or you are exhausted from lack of sleep. The truth of this soul territory is


You are already unconditionally loved.


Imprinted within your soul is the sacred contract to return us all to a kinder, gentler world. It starts with you.


This is a tiny taste of the wisdom waiting for you to awaken and explore in the vast, mystical and practical wonderment of MotherQuest.

MotherQuest : 13 Mandalas of Sacred Feminine Wisdom to breathe life into your inner wise woman and fill you with passion, purpose and soul connected meaning during your mothering years.

Ground yourself in unshatterable self-love, peace and feminine wisdom.

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