MOTHERQUEST : soul compass


You are seeking the Soul Landscape of

Mothering Presence

We know how hard you are trying to make everyone’s needs and desires be met.

We know how intensely the demands of mothering are stretching you beyond your edge and then some. We also know that no matter how hard you try to live up to your own and other’s expectations, their demands never seem to either fulfil you or end.

Which is why, just for a moment, you are asked to stop doing everything and bring your whole mothering presence to your own needs.

In between the stretch and demands of Mothering your world, there is the gift of this present moment. In between the tug of war demands of tantrums and impossible deadlines, is this Present Moment.

In this moment, right now, you can return to the spacious openness that always exists – beyond time or expectations.

By drawing this spiral, you have entered the third landscape of your Mothering Soul, you have returned to your inner territory of Mothering Presence.

Rest here a while and breathe. Come back to ‘right now’.

The third soul landscape of Mothering Presence has great heights and spectacular views but can also be filled with endless roadblocks and chasms. Within this landscape, you are asked to awaken who you truly are and learn how to become rooted in your true inner being. Your soul is inviting you to BE the Mother Queen of your world.

To do this you are required to re-evaluate your thoughts and see how your beliefs about yourself being a woman who mothers are either supporting you or inhibiting you. Sovereignty is calling you, but like all soul work, it is an inner quest and an inside job.

Your soul wants you to Mother from the inside out. This way your clear, true expression of love can be received by all of your creative babies (that is, your pets, your projects and your smaller people).

Your soul wisdom of authentic mothering is calling you inward.

It is time you let go of everyone else’s expectations and for you to reconnect with your heart.

Miracles happen with a shift in perception :

What belief about mothering are you ready to let go of so that you can return to the limitlessness of your loving heart?

The truth of this soul territory is that


your worthiness is only felt in the now


In the eyes of Love, you are already enough. Your presence and your being, especially in the eyes of your creative children – is priceless.


This is a tiny taste of the wisdom waiting for you to awaken and explore in the vast, mystical and practical wonderment of MotherQuest.

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Ground yourself in unshatterable self-love, peace and feminine wisdom.

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