MotherQuest : Soul Compass


You are seeking the Soul Landscape of


It's totally ok to be exactly where you are.

Despite what you might currently feel, It is perfectly ok to be exactly where you are.

You have used MotherQuest’s Soul Compass and arrived not in a soul landscape, but a vortex of transformation. A world between worlds, a space between times, and it is here that your soul rests when she is changing.

In the space between your topside, everyday world and your inner self, there is a field of vast possibility.

A dimension of free will, choice and alteration.

In the centre of the wheel that is the MotherQuest spiral, is a vast womb of sacred feminine potentiality. This wheel spirals downward, into our authentic self through the layers of self, soul and spirit and becomes the inner path of our embodied Mystic. The MotherQuest wheel also spirals outward, helping us express our sovereignty through our layers of ego, personality and defences. This becomes our outer path, the path of our Sacred Warrioress.

Neither direction is more right than the other; they are all simply expressions of our divine humanity.

You have arrived here, in the Vortex of Transformation, because, quite simply, it's not the right time for your soul to land, you are changing. It's not time to choose.

With safety and radical honesty, your soul wants you to know that now is not the time for making decisions. It's not the time for seeking, but radical and fundamental, transformational change.

You are in the process of shifting paradigms.

The way forward is not clear yet. All pieces are not in place.

Hold tight beautiful woman and allow yourself to be in the unknown and the shifting. Very soon, the way will become clear.

Maybe you are going through many conflictions of choice, and your soul hasn’t settled on her right direction?

Maybe, your soul is seeking more time and inner connection or another self realisation tool to help her express herself (remember you are your own best guide and teacher)?

Or maybe you did this quiz out of curiosity and not from a place of soul-seeking. Perhaps the work of MotherQuest isn’t what your soul is needing right now?

If so, or if these words don’t articulate your inner reality, this is perfectly ok. We invite you to stop and honour your sovereignty.

Take whatever time you need.

Honour the places where other people's truth or teachings don't serve you. Be honest about what you really do need right now, and give it to yourself completely.

The truth of this soul territory is


 You have the capacity to change at any moment.


In truth, you are a Divine being doing Life in a womanly body. Only you will be able to hear what soul wants you to do. It's time to stop, rest and become still. Your answers are within you


This is a tiny taste of the wisdom waiting for you to awaken and explore in the vast, mystical and practical wonderment of MotherQuest.

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