Our Calling and our Purpose

Ministry of She is a sacred space for women born women from unbroken lineages of daughters who survived to birth the next generation. We are everyday mothers, mid-life daughters, perfectly imperfect leaders, lovers, healers, birth keepers, menstrual wisdom teachers and guardians of innocence.

This Ministry that has no dogma or denomination, also supports our men, children, families and community. We are a gathering of women committed to know and understand ourselves as both human and Divine.

We are here to reclaim personally and collectively embodied feminine wisdom.

Our soul path is to reweave the everyday sacredness of our humanity. We walk with one foot in the world with fierce compassion and one foot in the mysteries of our individual and unique spiritual lives. We dance with our shadows and choose to be real, no matter how messy or vulnerable.

We choose to heal and then re-member the love, power and joy of the ancient lineages behind us.
We choose to be caretakers and wisdom keepers for the seven generations in front.
We choose to reweave the magnificence of the Sacred Feminine and Divine Union.
We choose to remember the wisdom within us.
We claim no other to have authority over us.
We choose not to fear.
We choose Love.

This is our Ministry.

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Our Commitment to Justice and Fierce Compassion

In honouring the wisdom that nurtures and influences my teachings I acknowledge the Ancestressy I have been born into, a lineage of redhaired Irish women and priestesses who originated from Western Europe.

We acknowledge that our temple space and workplace reside on the unceded land of the Yugambeh Mibin. We honour the Elders and wisdom traditions, past, present and future and hold space for all spiritual paths, including none, to have a place in our Community.

We hold priceless our commitment to equity, justice and sovereignty. We are dedicated to fairness, equality, kindness and authenticity regardless of race, gender, age, spiritual beliefs and ability. We consistently work to breakdown our privileged bias, internalised and externalised racism and support the voiceless and marginalised. We also own and are committed to transforming how we may oppress other people, this is our sacred and ongoing work.

We also acknowledge that the majority of our teachings and community is for women born women,
who identify as women. Our aim is not exclusion but an acknowledgement and honouring of purpose.

Thank you for being here in the community of Ministry of She.