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In fact, she needs you now more than ever ...

I know what everyone says, "oh, you're close now; you wait, she'll hate you in a few years" but it simply isn't true.

As her mama, THERE IS NOBODY who is going to love and understand your daughter like you do.

But understanding and loving her isn't going to be enough.

Teenagers need to be seen and held with wisdom and what stops you from giving her this is ONE, you have blindspots from the hurts of your own unhealed adolescence and TWO, you don't have the deep embodied shameless sexual and body wisdom she needs you to teach her.


Let me ask you a question ~

Before you arrived at the maelstrom of prepubescence and puberty, what did you wish your mother had taught you?

Did you wish you knew it was safe to grow into womanhood or that friendships with women were priceless?

Do you wish you were prepared better to respect and honour your menstrual body? That you were shown that your body, beauty and sexuality weren't objects? That you learnt how to cherish your unique self?

Do you look at your girl and her changing body and wish you had the language, education and insight to teach her the wisdom she needs?

Are you prepared to model for her the wisdom of conscious menstruation, sacred sexuality and embodied womanhood?

We can show you how!

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Learn the wisdom you both need


Come experience a mother-daughter and wise woman training like no other!

Join us for our three-part offering for mothers of prepubescent and teenage girls, mid-life women needing to deepen their womb, soul and body wisdom and women drawn to holding mother-daughter circles of their own.

Prerequisite Training : Wise Mamas

In addition to the mum and daughter circles, we also offer a seven-part women-only training where Lhamo shares the seven sacred stages Girls pass through as they unfurl into womanhood.

In this powerful and illuminating training, you will be taught what, how and when to introduce your girl (from birth to sixteen+) to appropriate and necessary womanhood wisdom while being given the insights that will prepare you to help her unpack her body autonomy, sexual sovereignty, confidence, power and majesty.

You might learn something about yourself too!

Wise Mamas is a stand-alone course as well as the pre-requisite for joining our ongoing Raising Sacred Girls Circle. This course can be attended by women with daughters of any age.


Sacred Wild Girls : Mother-Daughter Comming of Age Circle

This comprehensive and fun offering consists of three mother-daughter circles per year for girls aged nine to eleven. Full of fun, creative and sacred knowledge, these circles are designed to lay a foundation of language and awareness for preparing your precious girl for her sacred and unique menstrual and sexual awakening into womanhood.

Level Three : Teacher Training

The best way to embody anything is to teach it! Despite what your heart might feel after scrolling through social media, there can never be enough women's wisdom teachers.  Level Three of the wise mama training is teacher certification and mentoring. This includes attendance at Levels 1 & 2, in-depth and comprehensive training, teacher manual and a six-month mentorship by Lhamo.

This is for you if you are ready to add mother-daughter wisdom to your life skills or professional toolkit
or to become a certified Raising Sacred Girls teacher with the Ministry of She Wisdom School.

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level One

Mother Daughter Circles

Next circle dates are 23rd September and 9th of December

Logistics & Dates


September Circle : Saturday 23rd September 1 pm - 4.30 pm

December Circle : Sunday 9th December 1 pm - 4.30 pm

March 2024 Circle : Saturday 15th March 1 pm - 4.30 pm


All training is held in Palm Beach Qld, Southern Gold Coast Australia


  • Mother's only circle includes education, insights and tools to use over the course, a sacred women's circle and written handouts from the first lesson of the Wise Mamas Online Course
  • Sacred (Wild!) Girls Guidebooks
  • Girl and female-centred activities
  • At-home rituals, exercise and activities
  • Craft materials and refreshments provided
  • Life changing experience that will prepare you practically and both for her journey into puberty and embodied womanhood

A radically different preparation for womanhood

Her body is sacred

Breasts, boundaries, becoming a woman and beauty are a tiny part of the conversations, activities, teachings and ceremony you will both discover during our sacred and joyful Mama and daughter circles.

Your bond is sacred

The only thing deeper than the bond of love between you and your daughter is the soul contract that binds you. During our circles, you will discover through play, activities and storytelling the nervous system hacks, emotional tools, and language you will both need to thrive through her adolescence.

Being female is sacred

Drop into a new level of reverence for embodied womanhood as you unfurl the mystical and spiritual mysteries that only women born women know. With sacred ritual, women's wisdom and circle work, show your girl how wonderous it is to be born female.

This circle is specifically for girls born female in the stage of latency and early puberty.

Mothers (caregivers) will also learn the practical tools and insight needed to craft an individual
and personality-appropriate menarche celebration for your girl when the time arrives.

We will facilitate circles for 11 - 14 year olds and older girls later in 2023.



Guide her into the teenage years with compassion, insight and wisdom

Only TWO spaces left available

INVESTMENT : $222 per couple per circle

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7 week
In-depth Online Teaching
Download Anytime


Online lectures : Q & A : Workbook

As this circle has already started
In 2023 all new mamas are required to enrol and attend the Wise Mama education. To bring you up to speed with the current group.
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