n. Restoring the unbroken love, power and spiritual wisdom of your maternal lineage
For daughters ready to heal and restore love & connection
to their maternal relationships



Heal your mother-daughter conflict. Liberate your Motherline

Draw strength and certainty from embodying your unshatterable feminine wisdom. Awaken your inner wise woman and live with the skills and confidence that you certainly are, made for these times.


Heal & transform your MotherLine

A gift for all daughters

Many women speak of connecting to the Divine Feminine, yet aren’t sure how to navigate the stormy waters of their own mother-daughter relationships. Spirituality and personal growth are fine as long as we don't mention your family.

Having conflict, resentment or unmet needs for nurturing with your mother can be hard. Add to that the pressure of raising your own children differently from how you were parented while staying in the same relationships that bind you, can be excruciating.

If you are ready to unlock peace in your maternal relationships and transform how you are loved, seen and empowered in your family …

Then Ancestresscy is your key.

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Ancestressy is

A soul changing course gifted to Lhamo by her Great-Grandmother where you will learn the Seven Sacred Reclamations, the internal self initiations required to heal your mother-daughter herstory, reweave your maternal wisdom and fiercely reclaim your wild embodied womanhood.

It is a living seven-stage initiation of healing for daughters ready to repair and restore love, connection & wisdom to their motherline and become the Strong Woman and Gatekeeper for future generations.

Our online training is both mystical and practical; it combines real-life psycho-therapeutic skills with transformational rituals and sacred ceremonies.

It is a profoundly sacred and transformational transmission of ancestral healing made for our times. 

The best part, it’s not just for you. When you heal your family patterns, you not only change future generations, you transform the future for the collective as well.

7 week online course starts June 2023 

What you will discover in


How to reclaim the the unbroken love, power and wisdom of your maternal lineage

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Module One: Reclamation

According to A Course in Miracles, there is only ever one wound and to start our sacred work we go straight to the Source. In a powerful ceremony, we start The Work of reclaiming your Ancestresscy.

Reclaim your spiritual belonging.

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Module Two: Inheritance

In this module, we bravely go to the unexpected origin of most inherited trauma. With an insightful meditation, restorative exercises and a mystical tool or two this week we will go home to the ancestressal Earth within you. This week we release the trauma that never belonged to us. We set ourselves free.

Connect to your ancestral indigenous spirituality and belonging.

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Module Three: Mother Wisdom

We now move from the transpersonal into the personal and begin to unlock the herstories of our grandmothers. In this module will learn how as women born women, we really do carry our Mother Wisdom within us.  Explore who you could be if all body issues, sexual shame, birth trauma and self-judgement was cleared from your maternal line. 

Untie the hurt, angry, shameful and fearful knots of your Mother's line.


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Module Four: Maternal Healing

This week we touch the heart of our course and our deepest material. This week we open to innocence, our own, our mothers and all women of our maternal bloodline. We confidently dive into the essential work that all daughters must do before forgiveness and healing are ever possible. We learn the keys to soul peace with our mothers.

Claim the love and nurturance you have always needed.

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Module Five: Beloved Daughter

Now we turn to ourselves and ask if, as the Light Keeper or Black Sheep of our family, have we completed the sacred contracts of our soul? Have we Done The Work to become the Beloved Daughter of our parents and Sacred Sister to our siblings? This week we experience a powerful healing ritual to make sure we become who we came here to be.

Be the peace that changes your family destiny.

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Module Six: Creative Conception

This week we enter the realms of our children, human, creative or animal and we look deeply at the role of mother and our relationship to all our creative conceptions. This is a particularly sacred week for women who have experienced pregnancy loss, childlessness or have chosen to be childfree.

Own your sacred mother mysteries.

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Module Seven: Blessing

This week to help us celebrate the conclusion and beginning of our Sacred Journey we look to the future and own our role as strong Woman, Caretaker of Seven Generations. This week we prepare our blessing and start the sacred activism required to create a legacy of love.

Stand as Strong Woman, Gatekeeper and protector of innocence for the next seven generations.

Heal your MotherLine. Transform your destiny.

Course Delivery

Membership Site:

Complete with teaching videos, meditations and course booklets.

Zoom Calls:

For teaching and connection. 3 in total.

Course Work:

Weekly workbooks, self-inquiry, rituals and ceremonies for you to experience the magic in your own home.

Entry into our Private Community Sanctuary (off social media) where you can connect, share and access support and nurturing with other participants and members.


Weekly emails and private Facebook Forum

7 x PDF guidebooks and teaching videos with digestible information, worksheets and ceremonial guides

Guided Meditations, Ritual and sacred ceremony

Material-specific for adult mother-daughter relationships and mother-child relationships

An easy to use, curated membership site

Tools to clear and finalise damaged bonds with siblings

Living antidotes to isolation and disconnection

Ancestressal transmission from Lhamo's motherline


Bring peace to your soul. Heal your motherline

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While the blueprint of the course was channelled by Lhamo a week before birthing her daughter 16 years ago, Ancestressy also draws on Lhamo’s extensive training in Family Constellations, Women's Counselling and Epigenetics Theory.

When Lhamo speaks about the course being 'gifted' to her, this means that the transmission of knowledge was mystical and was not conceived by her thinking.

A decade on from Lhamo’s original gnosis, science is now validating the understanding of ancestral transmission and healing familial trauma. As an Interfaith Minister, Priestess and Spiritual Counsellor, Lhamo has helped hundreds of women compassionately transform their MotherLines to become the Strong Women their family and the world needs.

This course is not only about healing mother-daughter relationships; this work transforms your destiny. It enables you to be the authentic woman your soul chose your family to be.

Read more about How Ancestressy was created here.

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Women's testimonies

"From the first moment I met Lhamo, I recognized her as a profound teacher.  Ancestresscy captured me the instant I heard about this course.  My mother and grandmothers were battered women who had lost their voices – and likely so too, the grandmothers who came before them.  I was determined to break the cycle, and I did, but my body (and mind) still carried the burden.

If you can, Go! Go sit with Lhamo – if you dare. You can’t hide in her presence – but you can’t let go of what you don’t know you are holding. If you truly seek growth and wisdom, she will show you it is already within you. Lhamo is one of the most authentic wise women I know.  She is alive in the most beautiful of ways – I see her committed to loving to learn and learning to love, with authenticity and integrity."

Janine aged 55

"I loved doing this course alongside a group of women. I have done so much inner work alone and in silence, which I'm quite good at. It's showing myself fully which I find most challenging so this was a great learning for me, in overcoming some of that fear. Having such a loving, safe space I felt deeply held, heard and seen/witnessed, sharing the tender, the joyful and REAL unfolding together for me was very healing. Being able to navigate at our own pace and readiness was also so respected and I never felt pushed, guilty or left behind which was important to me, and although the circle was via zoom and not in person, Lhamo weaves this so beautifully it felt so cozy, scared and safe."

Anna 34

"The zoom calls were such a great idea and I was so excited that I could connect with others all across Australia. The meditations and reflective communication through group zoom calls were my favourites. The impact of the meditations was unexpected, they were transportive and very healing.

Angelina 42

"Do it! Ancestresscy is a transformative journey, its only seven weeks but it is so deeply profound that the shifts I experienced far superseded the time it took to do the course! It has accelerated my soul growth, cleared so much old energy passed down through generations that has not been able to be cleared until this opportunity and it’s been profoundly transformational. It’s an invitation to step up to the responsibility of healing your precious MotherLine so you and future generations can express more of who you truly are and live a more expansive life as a result.

How richly rewarding is that? It’s priceless."

Kathryn 37

"I first met Lhamo when I did the first online version of Ancestresscy in 2016. I have been to many counsellors and psychotherapists in my quest to be a better me. I could not believe the immediate shift I made after a 1:1 session with Lhamo. The peace I found and the calm that came over me was obvious, I arrived home and my husband said "Wow what happened to you? You're so different! I love it!" 

I can now talk about my mother and hear about her without feeling pain or getting locked into my anger. This is very different for me. From this place, I have reached out to my sisters and daughters and have realised my journey continues but I know what and how to proceed so everything is ok. I know I'm in a good place journeying to me for me."

Di aged 52

"What an amazing gift this course was for me. It helped me find my place within my maternal family, healed wounds in my relationship with my mother and gifted me with a family connection I had longed for. Six years on from sitting in circle with this work, the tools and learning I received are now well integrated into my life, giving me a deeper richness and ease with all my family relationships.

I feel very blessed to have come across Lhamo and her life-changing insight."

Kylie aged 44

"Ancestressy opened the flood gates to seeking and finding my way, deep soul linage healing, being heard and seen without shame or judgement.

Joining Ancesstresscy is like putting a balm on that part of you that felt all the disconnection for generations. It is deep soul work with powerful rituals that leave you in awe and at the same time heal you at a profound level. It goes beyond understanding. You finally sense what it feels like to belong. It is an amazing feeling to know in your cells that your mother line has your back. If you haven't addressed the mother wound it might be challenging at times as some of the pain will come forward. But it is all worth it..."

Ioanna aged 48

"I realise now that the inner work is ongoing and whether you complete one or all sessions you walk away each session with deeper insight. Having access to the course information to explore during and post-course at your own pace is comforting. I realised I could travel as deeply or slowly as I needed.

Lhamo’s insight and compassion were greater than I could have imagined. Lhamo both held and guided us as we navigated through our personal journeys in a way that was loving, supportive and nurturing.

Ancestresscy has given me the tools to discover and explore generational histories that repeat bringing greater awareness to my own present beliefs, choices and behaviour. Not until I could start to see the existing pattern was I able to consider what and how to embrace the process and challenge of change for the purpose of healing and release from the burden of past, present & future."

Angelina 42

A final message ...

It's time in our history for women to awaken our herstories and realise that our painful mother-daughter relationships are caused by much bigger issues than we think.

It's not you or your mother. It's not a wound either.

Healing your MotherLine and reclaiming your Ancestresscy is
The Sacred Work of women alive in this radically transformative time.

This course is not a map but a spiral of discovery.

It was gifted to me by my Ancestresses as a way to heal seven generations forwards and backwards in time. Now with love and reverence, it is a gift from my healed motherline, to yours. Through this course, you too can reclaim and live in the strength of knowing your Ancestresscy. It's time.

I hope you will join me.

Lhamo xx

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