A sacred initiation for men

gold coast enrolment reopens November 2022

A nine-month Quest of honour, authenticity & awakening for mid life MEN

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Inner Quest

9 Month Initiation starts again in 2023

Guardians (803 x 952 px)

At midlife, a man’s soul is called into Union.

Not with his lover not with his achievements not with his goals but into union with himself His Authentic Self.

At a certain age, Life calls every man into accountability with his purpose.

The reason why his Spirit chose this body, this family, this society, this time for his Earth Walk.

During this call to union, depending on how deeply the man hears his call, everything will be forced into evaluation.

Every. Thing.

His work. His identity. His relationships. His goals.

His heart.


His commitment to himself.

It is to men going through this gateway of complete re-evaluation that we offer our Guardian’s Initiation.

A nine-month Quest of honour, authenticity and self-awakening.

A Sacred Feminine portal to guide his soul and heart centred awakening to rebirth his authentic and spiritually adult masculine self.

This is a transformational, challenging nine-month Rite of Self Initiation for men ready to be held and guided through fierce, radically honest and exacting teachings of the Embodied Sacred Feminine.

The purpose : for every man present to own and stand sovereign in his authentic and soul branded Code of Honour.


Guardians (803 x 952 px) (2)

I hadn't been a circle before and was nervous to talk in front of others and someone who might make me understand myself better. Better to just sit in your crappy comfort zone right? No way!

Now having worked with Lhamo I can say that it was eye opening to realise just how much I needed to talk openly and frankly. Lhamo made me dig deeper into my perceptions of what I was feeling with her ability to hone in on where I needed to get to.

Her intuition and knowledge of human connection was amazing and took me to places that were at times uncomfortable but in those moments I also knew I was supported. - Adam, aged 48

"Lhamo helped me understand my behavioural attributes and how I can best overcome/use them to make me a better man.
I left her course with more knowledge, more life tools and a more wholesome knowing of myself.

Being led by a woman was also one of the best things I have experienced especially someone as experienced as Lhamo.

I don't believe a man could have done what Lhamo did." - Darren aged 47

"In my men's work with Lhamo she displayed a depth of rich experience in life and in facilitation, while not at all taking away from the male energy of a men's circle.

Rather, she enhanced the energy through her ability to laser focus into the core of any issue and help walk us through territory that might be impossible for a male facilitator to understand."

Marc, aged 60

Guardians Initiation is

A rare oppurtunity to stand in accountability as you craft, build and stand in your sovereign code of honour.

Each man will stand accountable for his life and creations.
Each man will be called to end the war of trauma, shadows and incongruency within himself.
Each man will be challenged to meet the very core of his authentic masculinity,
And be it.

Are you ready to own your untamed and disconnected self?
Are you ready to experience rapid life-transforming initiations of Mystery?
Are you ready to create real brotherhood and your authentic life from the solid foundation of your own Honour Code?

If so, join us.

Your sovereign code of honour lies in between your wisdom and your wounding.

It is your template of Integrity and your call to Guardianship.

Future generations are waiting

It's time to stand.

9 month
In person Initiation

Gold Coast, Australia

Course Inclusions

9 months x 5 hour training
delivered in a men's circle format

Comprehensive Monthly Module
Initiations, processes,
Written material
Quest Tasks
Honour Informed Accountability
Sacred Witnessing
7 day Vision Quest Initiation

Fiercely compassionate Feminine Guidance

Men's Only Training
22 places available

Guided by Lhamo | Sacred Feminine Minister

Course Material includes

Father and FatherLine healing
Healing your contracts of love
Mother Wound & Partner Issues
Sovereign Presence
Sacred Fatherhood
Shadow Work
Healing the violence in your soul
Embodying Sacred masculinity
Brotherhood, intimacy, shame
transcending anger
Spiritual Warriorhood & Sacred Activism
For a more detailed curriculum see the FAQ below
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