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Shadow Dancer Initiation

Online Shadow Work initiation that gives you the tools, support and
fierce feminine insight to radically transform your shadow.

FIERCE GRACE restarts July 2024

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Have you had enough of armouring your heart and arguing with the negative voices head?

Are you brave enough to discover how to examine yourself with such profound compassion that you not only see your messy, negative inner darkness but love it so profoundly it dissolves into silence?

Are you ready to radically realign your life with love?

Not just your resentful heart, your avoiding pride and your noisy judgemental head. But all of the places that keep you small, out of authentic alignment and pretence?

Is it time to learn the radical shadow busting tools of feminine embodiment?

If so keep reading!

Combining the Wisdom Mandalas of MotherQuest, Dakini Buddhist Shadow Work and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene Fierce Grace shows you what shadow work is supposed to do: How to radically love yourself.

A shadow work program for novices and masters alike. Fierce Grace gets honest with the root cause of your self-loathing, your worthlessness, your nihilism and your anger and why not one part of these 'parts' are true. The result "mindblowing transformation".

This IS NOT spirituality lite.
It is NOT spiritual or emotional by-passing.

Fierce Grace will teach you how to work with thirteen different aspects of the shadow, recognise when you are in a shadow and give you the sacred tools you need to turn your adversity, trauma, negative thoughts and worries into opportunities to centre your world in fearless love. Get ready to set yourself free!

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shadow work training

"This course cracked me wide open. The beginning was gentle and so refreshing to be reminded of my light. Then a gremlin came to play. I went deep, holding tight onto the teachings within the course and came out lighter, clearer and with a stronger faith in my own ability to heal and walk my path.”

- Fee Elliot 


"This program started in a warmly and brightly lit space from where we were able to dance into the deepest and darkest of those shadows of ourselves. Often so hidden, this work encouraged us forward to emerge again and again and again back into the light.

The daily offerings of Guided Meditation Practices, readings and music created the perfect balance and motivation to forge onwards and to stay in the intensity of this 22-day course. So grateful for being invited on this soul journey Lhamo."

Kylie Potter

Fierce Grace is

Feminine Embodiment Shadow Work 

We call it dancing because it's the best metaphor for what we will teach you.

Your shadows are your disowned parts, the aspects of your authenticity you have either lost connection to or have become wrapped up in negative thoughts and emotions. Fierce Grace is an intense initiation into feminine teachings that show you how to heal your dark side, your unconscious negative patterns
by dropping into the wisdom of your body.

The first eleven days of Shadow Dancer are an introduction and initiation. After that, you will explore four modules that support and show you the essential tools of shadow work.

If you finish this round by submitting a short self-evaluation questionnaire, you will be invited into Level Two.

This is where our shadow work gets fascinating. You will learn tools to turn your spiritual life upside down and how to ground your whole perspective of life, love and relating in the sacred.

Prepare for a mystical and powerful initiation.

As a minimum, you are invited to commit 10 minutes every morning,
Five minutes at midday and 15 minutes in the evening. 

Once purchased, you have permanent access to a beautiful membership site, comprehensive workbooks, guided meditations and teachings. In addition, there are three zoom calls and a membership room for community sharing.

This work is both an introduction and a deepening of our more extended Dancing in the Shadowlands training.

Fierce Grace is open to both men and women.

It's only in the places you refuse to look
that your shadow can enslave you.

Online Journey

Embodied Feminine Shadow Work

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