Dancing in the


Face, heal and transcend your shadow
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find the gold underneath your illusions

Dancing in the Shadowlands

The shadow work of MotherQuest

What could your life be like without the voices of criticism in your head? Or doubt or miss-trust or jealousy?

Who could you be if peace, self-belief and sacred connection were your inner cheer squad? How would it be if you never fell into self-betrayal again?

Life would be good, wouldn’t it?

So, what is really stopping you from changing the muck you seriously believed you would be free from by this stage of life?

It's tools right?

Real-life, parenthood and bombproof inner tools, that enable you to RADICALLY face, take ownership and heal the mess that is your shadow.

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Your Shadow is

The parts of you that you don’t want to look at

so you see it in other people

The places you don’t want to feel

so you don’t have to take responsibility

The places where it’s easy to fall into a better than or worse than

so you can blame and manipulate your relationships to get what you want out of life


Don’t worry we all do this. That is until we know how to dance with the flames of our own spiritual adulthood and know ourselves so fiercely that we can set our shadow on fire.

If this interests you then it’s time to dance in your ShadowLands.


Learning to dance in your


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Dancing in the Shadowlands is the second or 'shadow' level of MotherQuest. It's where our inner awakening gets juicy.

Awakening to the Sacred Feminine is sublime, but the golden Truth of your inner wisdom is not going to stick around if you don't face, heal and transcend the sacred wounds that created your midlife and mothering shadows.

In this training, we will transform :

  • The wound between you and your mother
  • The hatred you have with your body
  • The worthlessness you have around your value
  • Your habitual fears and compulsive anxieties
  • Your souls’ template of violence and how it manifests as trauma
  • Your disconnect from your intuition and embodied wisdom
  • How you deny authentic self
  • Your shame
  • How you hurt your relationships through collusion, jealousy and competition
  • Your self-righteous anger
  • Your internalised oppression and racism
  • Your unwillingness to live as a spiritual adult


In Dancing in the Shadowlands, we will dive under the waves of your mind fog and disconnect. You will have to feel all the feels (get ready, guys, this work requires authenticity, and vulnerability. We do circle real!) Then with practical, real-life tools and perfectly imperfect humanity, we will love your shadows until they are healed and gone.

This program involves at-home coursework and a commitment to your own self-mastery. This is not a spoon-fed training for your intellect, it is a course that requires sovereign embodiment and self-responsibility.

By attending Dancing in the Shadowlands, you will discover the self-awareness tools and the self-compassion skills to stay with your lost selves until your wounded beliefs heal and you return your whole-self home to the love that never left you.

This is a non-religious and deeply spiritual personal development program drawing wisdom from MotherQuest's Sacred Wisdom Mandalas, Dakini Buddism and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

This course will be open to seven women and seven men.

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MotherQuest's 6 month Journey Woman Program or Awakening to Sacred online
are recommended pre-requisites to join Dancing in the Shadowlands.

For men it is recommended that you have personal sessions with Lhamo before and /or during this course or for you to have participated in one of Lhamo's men's courses. If you are ready to radically change from the inside out and would like to experience Lhamo's exceptionally safe, powerful and transformational shadow work in 2023, join us!


"I have sat in circle with Lhamo for a few years now. Craving ever more connection, seeking ever more Gnowing, yearning to go deeper and aching to battle inner demons. Well. Shadow Dancer delivered.... All that and more. 
Lhamo has this ability to understand, in the very marrow of her bones, deeply sacred ancient wisdom, and to transform it into digestible morsels that we modern women can taste, practice with, dare to dive into, and emerge owning our knowing with a G. I wondered whether Shadow Dancer would just be another course (not that anything of Lhamo's is "just" a course!).
It is not. It is a map, with real, accessible, doable instructions for healing, responsibility, love, self-worth and infinite kindness, that is based in the divine humanness of our very real daily lives. And it makes our daily lives magical. It helped me to know once and for all the I am already sacred. I don't have to do anything to be sacred, I already am. Even when I'm sad or mad, I am sacred. I am already love, and what I can do now is face my shadows with fearlessness and with skills. And choose another way. 
I claimed and learned how to LOVE my wounds and my inner gremlins, which, I now know, are just as sacred as all the pure white light and love. It doesn't mean that life's challenges don't happen anymore, or that everything is easy now and I'm just always in innocence and purity. I still get triggered, I still stuff up, I am still so very human. But now I can BE all of that in my sacred divine humanity and forgive myself, forgive others and carry on with love and kindness. 
And perhaps most magical of all, Shadow Dancer makes Mary Magdalene - and her relationship with Jesus, real and accessible!! She is a sister to us, a friend; we can witness her, learn from her and walk alongside her. I find this to be utterly wonderful! We have this golden opportunity to bring her to life again and to reclaim what was taken from us as women all those thousands of years ago. 
Shadow Dancer reminded me I am a powerful sacred woman whose worthiness just IS."
Cassie Sheppard

"This course cracked me wide open. The beginning was gentle and so refreshing to be reminded of my light. Then a gremlin came to play.

I went deep, holding tight onto the teachings within the course and came out lighter, clearer and with a stronger faith in my own ability to heal and walk my path."

Fiona Elliot

"Lhamo initially created a warmly and brightly lit space from where we were able to dance into the deepest and darkest of those shadows of ourselves often so hidden, only to encourage us forward to emerge again and again and again back into the light.

Our Daily offerings of Guided Meditation practice, readings and music created the perfect balance and motivation to forge onwards and to stay in the intensity of this course. So grateful for being invited on this soul journey Lhamo."

Kylie Potter

"Lhamo held the space in such an incredibly safe way.

The work was introduced so gently, first, we worked on being grounded and it made it feel so safe.

I have learned and come to know that being grounded and centred in our bodies is the safest way to work with our shadows. I'm now able to sit with the old stuck places in my body and shift old wounds.

As a result of these shifts, I am no longer sitting on the fence in my life. I am also more accepting of my shadows and who I am. I feel more spacious and free.

There is no shame attached to my old patterns, they have become my beloved parts. Thank you, Lhamo for your incredible work in the world."

Jo Walters

Dancing in the Shadowlands

will be returning in 2024

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MotherQuest is...

An awakening, a deepening and a returning to living an internally defined, sacredly centred life. It is not a step by step formula, it is not a program that requires you to believe anything and it is also not a map. It is a series of mandalas, beautiful internal explorations of the inner terrains of your sovereignly defined spiritual life.

It is not easy, it will require you to wake up.

It is not for the faint-hearted, you will have to Do The Work. You will have to own your shadow, take ownership of your creations and be the flame of your own inner fire. By doing this, MotherQuest Wisdom will return you to who you truly are,

a Strong Sacred Soul Warrior made for our times.