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Going Within


Starting your Inner Pilgrimage

to your embodied spiritual life

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You know that. There's no way around it, the world has gone mad. You need to nourish the meaning-making life within you. Pronto.

But where can you go?

Most of us are stuck at home and well, you get lost on your own. It's so easy to be scared. Or go numb or get distracted. There's also the worry of seriously, these days, who do you trust?

The answer is simple. You trust yourself.

You can also take shelter in our temporary temple, our weekly sacred teachings designed to show you how to find peace, centredness and strength

within you.

Resting in the shelter of wise teachings from the mystics and an eclectic smorgasbord of Interfaith Wisdom (that's all faiths including resistant, sceptical and I-don't-know-what-I-believe-in) and her lived Sacred Mother wisdom of the embodied soul,

Lhamo is now offering teachings every five days for 40 days.  A Sacred wandering through Divine Feminine wisdom, meditations and spiritual practice..

With the passionate commitment to awaken and live from the burning flame of sacred gnosis within you, over nine weeks of guidance will be delivered to you to explore, nourish and nurture your sacred connection to your interior spiritual and soul lead life.

Reverend Lhamo is a Sacred Feminine Minister who
walks a humble path of embodied spirituality.
Weaving ancient and modern teachings made
for these times, she is here to return
inner peace, stability and
feminine mysteries
to you.

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Group 68@2x

Nourish the flame of your inner spiritual life

Going Within

9 Wisdom Teachings and Spiritual Practice

so you can live connected to your embodied soul at all times.

Nine Week Overview

Weekly Video :

Teachings to downlad anytime

Teaching format :

Guided workbook, Prayers, Practice & Meditations

Weekly self work :

Self-inquiry questions and resources

This course is a nine step guided self-discovery practice to support your individual spiritual practice and daily connection to soul and sacredness.

** You will also receive access to our (off Facebook) Sanctuary. A Communication Portal and app where you can share explore and connect with the women of our community without censorship or fear of data harvesting. We have our own peaceful and sacred online temple.**


Destination Love : Choosing to live as an Awakened Human

Owning Mystery : Living the Divine inside you

Present and Empowered : The holy art of releasing the past

Holy Fiery Love : Your alchemy of mercy and fierce compassion

Living Rapture : Living free of your mask, ego and fear

You. Limitless: Choosing the timeline of your best life vision

Sacred Human Embodiment : Transcending Intuition

Soul Surrender : The mastery of accepting life as it is

Engoldened Fire : At home in our fiercest compassion

Light your inner flame, nurture your soul, access your wisdom

After you have come home to your soul, or once life has shattered and smashed your illusions about how your life was supposed to be,
you will need your deep inner water. The mystical wisdom of sacred insight, truth and passion within you.
You will also need practical spirituality and instantly applicable insights if you have been pushed by adversity
to protect the sovereignty of your body and the innocence of those you love. If your spiritual tools don't work in
chaos and crisis then you have be called to go deeper, to access the values, passion and spiritual grit that

can hold you in times like these.

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40 days
Online Guidance

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40 Days of Sacred Practice

Permanent access to materials
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In December 2012 the Mayan Calander ended and the Great Kali Yurga turned its wheel. The Earth shifted into a birthing pattern and the Divine Feminine woke from her slumber, her sacred codes burst into life and women started rising. In December 2012, Lhamo finished receiving thirteen months of visions and set out on her life's quest to decipher, unpack, teach and embody the sacred teachings she came to call MotherQuest.

For thirty-five years, Lhamo has been preparing herself and for the last fifteen years, a community of women, to be awake and aware of their inner spiritual wisdom. She has been nurturing a community of women, Made for these times. In a time of packaged ceremony and instant spirituality, Lhamo walks the unglamorous path of spirituality tempered in the blender of messy real life.

She teaches what she lives and shares what she knows; that love, holy wisdom and rock-solid meaning are always found within. Going Within is the perfect support for men and women seeking to nurture an ongoing authentic spiritual practice or to continue the soul work connection awakened by her circles and courses.

It's also a great way to experience Lhamo's style and flavour of teaching. All of the offerings at Ministry of She are created to support you to trust your inner spiritual life, to reconnect you to the wisdom tools of your Divine Human birthright and to love yourself exactly as you are.

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