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MotherQuest VIP Program

Personal Mentoring Program with Lhamo

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Sometimes we know that our commitment to aloneness ( doing-it-on-my own-ness) won't work. Sometimes Life delivers such big, hard, messy lessons that it's too hard to dive as deep as you want on your own.

Sometimes, even the idea of looking within or feeling all your feelings feels too big, too scary and way too unfathomable to do it without support.

So most of the time, we don't even start. Right?

How about we change this and you receive the support your heart and soul are asking for.

Mother VIP Mentoring & Support : Online and in-person

Offering two decades of Somatic Counselling and Holistic Psychotherapy practice, Interfaith Ministry and the powerful wisdom embodied from over thirty years of circle work Lhamo's one to one sessions and mentoring are life-changing.

Stay accountable to your inner transformation and take your MotherQuest to radical levels when you say yes to receiving Lhamo's personal support, nurturance and fiercely compassionate wisdom.

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MotherQuest is...

An awakening, a deepening and a returning to living an internally defined, sacredly centred life. It is not a step by step formula, it is not a program that requires you to believe anything and it is also not a map. It is a series of mandalas, beautiful internal explorations of the inner terrains of your sovereignly defined spiritual life.

It is not easy, it will require you to wake up.

It is not for the faint-hearted, you will have to Do The Work. You will have to own your shadow, take ownership of your creations and be the flame of your own inner fire. By doing this, MotherQuest will return you to who you truly are,

a Strong Sacred Woman made for our times.