MOTHERQUEST : soul compass


You are seeking the Soul Landscape of


Your Ancestresses are calling you.

The ancient voices of your foremothers, the women of your blood and bones are whispering your name. Reaching out through the ethers, rising up from your cells, you soul mothers are joining their love in a circle around you, reminding you, that you are always held within their embrace of belonging.

No matter how you feel or how your world currently appears, you are not alone.

You have arrived in the first landscape of your Mothering Soul. By arriving here your journey of self-authentication has started. Your soul is truly ready to master her self-parenting journey, arriving here heralds a rapid time of self-evaluation and reassessment, especially of the stories you define your life by. In many ways arriving here means you are ready for a restart.

Your Ancestresses are with you.

They have come to offer their healing presence and for you to know that the conflict that you are involved in or the isolation you are experiencing didn’t actually start with you. The origin of your family discord is rooted in inherited patterns that stretch backwards through time.

However, it IS time you started working with the divine contracts your soul agreed upon before you began your embodied life.

You didn’t choose your parents because they were perfect. You chose them because their bloodlines and soul paths, for better or for worse, were perfect for your growth.

You do not actually carry a mother wound. On a soul level, these wounds don’t exist. What you are carrying is a sacred contract, a soul wrestle more like -- that ensures you both grow into the level of consciousness required from this lifetime.

You cannot control how your mother, father or siblings play out their half of the contract, but you do have the profound responsibility to do what is required of you. Ancestressal healing wisdom will arise in you as you start to call on the love that is the soul truth of your women’s lineage. Wounded behaviours, beliefs in isolation and conflicts of personality, exist only in the world of fear, not Love.

You are being supported to rise up above the hurts of your inner daughter as well as the hurt patterns you are carrying from your maternal inheritance and become the Mother you have been searching for.

In the soul landscape of Ancestressy, you are invited to travel from blindly doing what has always been done, through the shadows of abandonment or rejection into the sacred soul territory of authenticity and conscious embodiment.


The truth of this soul territory is belonging.


Once you know this within your body, its loving strength will remain.


This is a tiny taste of the wisdom waiting for you to awaken and explore in the vast, mystical and practical wonderment of MotherQuest.

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