Wise Mothers


Wise Mother Education : menarch preparation

Learn the women's wisdom your mother didn't teach you

and the insight, boundaries and awareness your daughter definitely needs

Innocent, wild, open to life. Your daughter, at latency the doorway of puberty, is a precious and powerful thing.

She is powerful because she already holds everything that she will need to emerge into womanhood. She's precious because, without guidance, protection, and support, her unfurling majesty can be thrown off course.

Depression, suicide, nefarious influences like social media and pornography, internalised objectification (body dysmorphia, eating disorders), epigenetics and peer influences all threaten to disrupt her easy voyage to womanhood.

No wonder too many people say, "Oh enjoy her now. She'll hate you soon. Good luck in those teenage years!

But what if it doesn't need to be this way?

What if, long before the storms, traps and monsters even appear, you as her fierce mother and protector, have learnt the tools and elder wisdom required to navigate her adolescence - skillfully!

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What you need is

Wise Mother Wisdom.

Which, of course means you have a deep toolkit of embodied feminine education and -

You know yourself as an embodied woman because you hold the wisdom from having done your own deep remembering and healing.

As her mother, you are her greatest model and teacher. At puberty she is watching you, learning from what you say and do, preparing to either absorb or reject what she sees as her call to her own deep water takes her out into her womanhood seas.

But what if you are only just awakening to your embodied feminine wisdom?

What if you don't know how to use your menstrual cycle and ovulatory powers?

What if you still have shame and trauma from your teenage years?

What if topics like breasts, vulvas, sexuality and boundaries leave you mute?


We have that map! Keep reading...

You will discover in

Wise Mothers

Using personal & mythological storytelling, actionable tools, powerful insights,
cutting edge education and sacred body wisdom you will learn ...

wise mama module
Mama Volcano – Being the MotherLand, Her earth and Mystery

Discover how your soul contact with your daughter is the template of love and growth between you. Learn how her birth, infancy and bonding are crucial times for teaching body autonomy and what to do if this opportunity has passed.

Own your power as her mother, access new levels of ancestressal wisdom 

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Raising a Daughter

How do you raise a daughter who is so different from you? How do you keep your edges with a girl who seems exactly the same? The need to learn boundaries, shamelessness, empathy, confidence and self-hood starts before five years and never stops. Tonight we lay the foundation of Body Sovereignty, Consent, Autonomy, Shameless pleasure – embodied joy, clear edges and self respect

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Building a boat. Gathering wisdom

Latency, Puberty, Menarche, Madness. How to share (with age and personality-appropriate delivery) with your growing girl, the knowledge and wisdom she will need to help make sense of her changing body, friendships and moods. Tonight we learn the essential women's wisdom and emotional literacy education you both will need to navigate her tween and teen years.

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Before the tides take her – Explaining the Ocean

How to prepare her, have conscious conversations and give her the guidance she needs while keeping the boundaries tight and communication lines loving clear. Tonight we talk about assertiveness, communication pathways, boundaries and life skills. 

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Allowing the tide to take her

Friendships, body autonomy, relationships, self-respect, body dysmorphia, self-objectification and what to do about all of it. How do you let her go and teach her what she needs without putting your fears or shame on her shoulders? Tonight you will discover the inner healing you need to do to clear your triggers and blindsided so you can let her explore the world safely.

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Shields and Sails. Tantrums and Tempests

Learn how to navigate the volatile waves of her estrogen-soaked sensitivity while be forwarned about the whirlpools and storms that could rattle both of you. Tonight we explore hormones, mood swings, tantrums, boys, lust, Tik Tok Algorithms, depression and online predators. Tonight is not to be missed!

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Deep Water : Welcoming Woman

There are two rites of passage most girls go through during their maiden and adolescent years. The rite of menarche their initiation into cyclic womanhood and their first sexual experience, their initiation into sacred embodiment. Tonight I will share with you the essential wisdom you need to equip her for both and celebrate the end of our program.

prepare yourself to be her wisest support

7 week
In-depth Online Teaching

$490 + GST

Online lectures : Q & A : Workbook

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Online Education

for women passionate about raising their girls into
self connected, sacredly embodied conscious womanhood

Logistics & Dates

All training is held via zoom. Tuesday evening 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm*

Zoom call dates :

  • 7th March
  • 14th March
  • 21st March
  • 28th March
  • 4th April
  • 11th April

Details will be sent via email.
* Zoom call times will be adapted to group needs and confirmed once intake closes


  • Seven 2 hour live lectures (recorded)
  • Notes & Guides
  • Resources and reference material
  • Activities and techniques
  • A guide for creating your girl's personality unique menarche ceremony
  • Life-changing education that will prepare you practically, mentally and spiritually for her journey into puberty and embodied womanhood

Guide her into the teenage years with compassion, insight and confidence

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