5 Practices to Connect to Your Divine Feminine


Connecting to your Divine Feminine is not always acknowledged part of mundane life, in fact, theevery day, especially in our mothering years seems to chip away our connection to our spiritual power. This is largely because we have lost the archetype and the mindset that our everyday womanly selves, our mothering and our souls – are already Divine. It’s time we claimed that back, isn’t it?

Being connected or embodying our Divine Feminine, which is what Sacred Feminine means gives us presence and guides us into pleasure, fulfilment, creativity, bliss and a meaning-rich life. So what are some ways to reconnect and stay connected to your Sacred Feminine?


  1. Listen to your body

Staying connected to your physical self may seem easy, but when was the last time you actually listened to your body? Your body is your truth teller, it always signals you to make wise choices, but how do you harness it? By trusting what you are being told! Your intuition the symbolic and sensory language of your body communicating with your soul and you access it by paying attention. Use your intuition daily. It’s like a spiritual muscle, it gets stronger with flexing.


  1. Practice Self Love

Self-love and self-care are entwined. Practising self-love is grounded in listening to your own needs, while self-care is taking time out from everything and everyone, to nurture your own being. When did you last make time for yourself and actually prioritized your self-care? Self-love is also about remembering that you can love, accept, trust and value yourself even when the shit hits the fan! Your Divine Feminine self is always present, it’s your ego that hides her away. Nourishing yourself with kindness will enlighten you.


  1. Get in sync with the moon

Like the moon, we all go through cycles and by knowing the lunar cycles you can keep track of your own. Paying attention to the cycle of the moon not only means you can understand your emotional responses and deepen your connection to Gaia but remember you are always connected to all natural cycles of life. You can see how the shades of light and dark, creation and destruction are integral aspects of you. Of course, tracking your menstrual cycle will also deepen this practice. Your reproductive womanly centre is, after all, your most sacred personal development tool.


  1. Commit to making your spirituality real

What does sacredness, the Divine or spirituality actually mean to you? Could they all be your unique search for meaning? If so, then why is your ordinary life not spiritual? One of the greatest ways to bring the sacred feminine into your everyday life is to steep yourself in your values. What are they? The things that make you feel alive. To help you decipher this, change the word value for desire and then write yourself a BIG list, of say 50 to 100 things that turn you on. By the time you reach the 70’s the objects of your desires will have dropped away and their essence would have risen as one words qualities like love, union, freedom … When you’re done, choose your top 5 and make a commitment to bring those things into your life, every day. 


  1. Own your reflection

It’s so easy to see the Divine in others. What would happen if you realized that spiritually speaking, others were purely an extension of yourself? Every time you see the glorious in another and are happy for it, you practice Mudita, the joy in another’s joy. This makes you cement a part of your Divine self into your lived experience. Rather than seeing the difference, own the joy and magnificence of the other as a reflection of your truest self. 


There is no need to think that sacredness or your Divine Feminine being needs esoteric rituals, tattooed initiations or out of body experiences. Your everyday life is your opportunity to embody the Divine. To make sacred means to elevate something to the realm of reverence and what is more worthy of celebration than the uniqueness of your soul?  You can connect to the Divine-made-Sacred Feminine every day, purely by remembering and being the love that is uniquely you.

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