A long weekend with Innana.
Dying. Burying your old self. Wisely Resurrecting.

I’ve been thinking all about Death. Burial. Resurrection. Oh, just to clarify, no not of Jesus, but the Goddess Inanna.

Long before Yeshua ben Joseph had his three days of crucifixion, enshrouding and then rising from the dead. The ancient Mesopotamian Goddess, Inanna had her three days of it too. The silly thing, she decided to visit her twin sister Ereshkigal Queen of the Underworld. Anybody knows facing your shadow is never going to be pretty. She ended up temporarily dead. Not really the epitome of great family dynamics, needless to say, yes, eventually she was let off the hook.

We (my 2020 MotherQuest ladies and I), hung out with Inanna’s story last weekend and I’ve been thinking about these three symbolic days and how relevant they are ~ right now ~ and what they can mean if we take a moment to listen.

The amazing thing I realised is – we have these three days right in the middle of MotherQuest :

Death Mother. Peace Mother. Wise Mother. Death. Peace. Wisdom.

Except MotherQuest has a uniquely feminine perspective on these holy days of reset.

  • Death : Open to the new at the ending. Accept the death of who you used to be. Focus on the new that is birthing.
  • Peace : End the stories causing violence to your soul. Release and return to Peace, permanently.
  • Wisdom : Honour the sacred unity of Divinity and Humanity in your present embodiment. Come into Right Living.

How do we as Sacred Mama Queens make this teaching real in today’s world? Well, this is how I’m doing it …

Day 1: Death Mama :

I’m cleaning (yes strange unbelievable and true), I cleaned my oven, sorted through the linen closet, and have just redone our bedroom cupboards. Out with the old and everything that has hit its used by date. I’m preparing for new.

Day 2: Peace Mama :

We are planning a family day of Catan. If there is anything that will gauge our collective enlightenment, a 4-hour board game is going to do it. I will light candles and say prayers before we start. I will NOT be wearing the grumpy hat this time around. Seriously, tomorrow will show you where and who in your family is experiencing your family culture as violence, you have the change to be their Priestess. Be on the watch, be kind, be vigilant, family arguments are usually someone’s cry to be seen and call to receive help.

Day 3: Wise Mama :

Don’t get sugar drunk on Easter eggs! Get out into the garden instead. Go for that ‘essential walk’. Do yoga, give your darling a massage, talk to the bees and the lizards, receive their teachings, rest. Allow a new vision of how you would like to live. No matter how revolutionary, birth itself through your soul and get embodied in it. Dream up ways to take action to manifest it.

Remember, like Inanna; we have the ghosts of the Underworld around us as we leave the Queendom of our Shadow, these potent energies of change will transform the edges of our world for us. All you have to do is be like Inanna and know precisely what you want (or don’t want) and set your inner resolve to be the change you need in your world.

After all, you are the Strong Woman you’ve been waiting for.

I think I’ll now go and finish my vacuum cleaning.

Oestre love to you,


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  1. Kristy Shore on 12/04/2020 at 7:17 am

    My body is tingling a big YES!

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