Dancing in the ShadowLands : The Gremlin of Isolation


As you all know, very real circumstances create isolation. Relocation, a new baby, quarantine, divorce, or living in a foreign city where language or even geography keeps you separated from people.

This is NOT the Isolation we are talking about here.

In MotherQuest’s Shadow Work, the isolation we are exploring is the icy melancholy that, even when people are all around us, swirls in, freezes our confidence, and sequesters our Connection into miserable silence.

Isolation is similar to the shadows of Rejection and Abandonment. However, unlike Abandonment, that uses our memories as evidence to immobilise our trust and validate our fear.

Isolation uses our past to prove that our current loneliness is impenetrable.

It verifies that loneliness is our destiny; it twists our heart with icy fingers and clutches at our authentic voice. The Shadow of Isolation makes us believe we’re valueless. If it takes root, it can freeze our heart and make us believe we’re the most unwanted person on Earth.

Which is why we must learn the skills of ShadowDancing and turn our capacity for connection into an art form.

  • How cold do you feel when the shadow of Isolation creeps in?
  • Where in your body does it take root or grab hold?
  • Where do you feel its stuckness, loneliness, insecurity or fear?

Or is Isolation so familiar that you think its grey fog is real?

Isolation is a Yin imprint. It’s an old cold emotional place of loneliness and loss. Isolation is a shadow state; it is not a spiritual truth, no matter how your life currently is or makes you feel. Between our craving for love and our need to be close to the people we hold dear, Isolation freezes an iron wall. Separating us from hope and joy and trapping our confidence in a wasteland.

Isolation may have been true for you in the past, but now as a mother living in the presence of her soul, it is an ego delusion you can’t afford.

The Gremlin of Isolation is now your calling card, a wake-up note from the Divine, that it is time to take action, to return home to Soul and check-in.

Behind the iron door that separates you from the truth of Belonging sits a neglected part of your wholeness—an innocent, childlike self, who’s seeking warm-hearted connection and a soft place to land. But not just anywhere.

Your neglected self is not seeking acceptance from your work, your city or your country; she’s asking for belonging from the inner community or common unity of your soul. That is, where your inner meaning-making sits in devotion with your unique and intimate understanding of God. Whoever you may know Her to be.

Belonging, which is MotherQuest’s antidote to Isolation, is not an outside job. It’s is an internal state of arrival that lies at the end of a hero’s journey. Like the mythical Holy Grail, Belonging is the awakened soul’s reward.

Only found after experiencing the brutality of alienation, belonging is the spacious truth of self-connected trust, where the acceptance of impermanence has surpassed the craving for external security and other’s approval is replaced with the capacity to do partnership and intimacy on your own terms.

Sacred Ladies, the illusion of Isolation is now a door, open it and return to the soul fire of connection that already lies within you.

© Lhamo 2020 | MotherQuest | Dancing in the ShadowLands |

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  1. Kristy on 28/03/2020 at 8:15 am

    Boom! The simple act of naming and shining light on my isolation can sometimes be enough to dispel the illusion. I will continue to carry this awareness and keep unraveling my shadows.

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