Give me something more powerful than your anger

Yes. I’m talking to you.
The husband of my sister, my client, the partner of my best friend… The men of our world.

Seriously, is anger the only power you’ve got?

Is this the only way you can find the strength to have your needs met? By relentless arguing? By swearing? By yelling at the kids?
Or by hitting a hole in the wall?

And by anger, I also mean that acrid silent withdrawal some of you do. Where you are too dignified or righteous to lower yourself to the fire your partner is exuding, so you withdraw – in swallowed anger – and refuse to touch her, speak with her,
love her …

all because you have no other skills other than anger of hiding behind a self-righteous wall.

There is only one reason why you are angry and there’s one easy way to have your needs met with skill, safety and honour.

The answer to both : Self-connection.

If you were truly connected to your power you would stand rooted in your own honour code.
▪️ You would know that no one outside of your own heart holds your power.
▪️ You would be able to see and own where you dissolve, dilute and even hand over your own power by not honouring the needs of your authenticity.
▪️ You would see with blinding truth where you constantly abandon your own heart. And you wouldn’t allow it to happen.

Come on guys. Give me something better than your anger.

Give me your courage, your passion, your vision, your devotion – show me you are brave enough to heal that trauma you lived through.

Show me you are willing to be the Guardian of your own fearless heart. Willingness is all you need.

I have the emotional literacy tools, the trauma release techniques, the sacred compassion and the fierce AF insight to show you how to have way better techniques than anger to find your way in the world.

Come and learn the skills your father couldn’t teach you and the wisdom your son wishes you had. Become a Guardian.

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