How do you honour your Ancestors without
cultural appropriation?

How do you honour your ancestors in your women’s circles?

  • Do you call their heartbeat through your medicine drum?

If so, whose lineage was your drum maker trained in and are the animal skins indigenous to your ancestral lands?

  • Do you chant a mantra?

If so, is your mantra Hindi, Sikh or Buddhist, do you honour their traditions? Or does your chant come from your ancestral lands, if so what Tribe and culture?

  • Do you take drugs in shamanic ritual?

If so who is your teacher’s teacher? What lineage do you honour when you call your shaman’s name?


Or do you sing the song of your ancestral lullaby, the song sung by mother to daughter to mother to child? Do you honour the soil, or hunger to know the lands of your ancestressal stories? Have you heard your Motherland’s call and can speak of your pilgrimage back to your tribal home?

Do you use your bleed time to call in your Ancestressal dreaming, have you honoured your Spirit mother, the first of your Motherline? Or do you reverently call your fore-mothers by their names as far back as you have re-membered?

It is entirely possible to honour your white Anglo-ancestresses without cultural appropriation. It requires breaking ignorance, Doing Your Work and Honouring your Embodied Wisdom.

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