Men, find your own edge before you break hers

Hey beautiful man – my boss, my son, my lover, my student, my peer –
I am NOT the edge you can break yourself on.
You might have been raised by a woman whose soft boundaries couldn’t hold you,
You might be partnered with a woman who can’t contain the wildness of you,
You might not respect or even fear the feminine within you –
But because I have forged my boundaries in the darkest of flames
and can hold myself
I am not the edge you can find _your edge_ or limits on.
I am not the wall you can push against,
need to change,
augment or rally against
because you don’t know how to hold yourself.
As a man, as a decent human, you do not have the right to push me because you feel uncomfortable.
I am a woman who has had 5000 years of patriarchy grinding her matriarchal bones into enlightenment dust.
I stand engoldened, emboldened and fortified
by my motherline’s survival wisdom.
I am a woman who has been beaten longer and harder by
her own worthlessness and shadow
than you could EVER beat me.
I stand as sharp, insightful and resilient AF with the love and wisdom that lived experience has afforded me.
And because I _can_ hold you,
and because I do choose to love you,
You DO NOT have the right to break yourself on me.
To batter me with your expectations,
To challenge me with your assumptions,
To denigrate my self respecting boundaries,
To devalue my values,
all because you have no idea
of who you are.
Because you have no clue
of how your shadow runs your world
or how wounded your inner child is.

The only edge I have that gets to be
Touched, teased, tempted and taken
is the gateway to my inner universe.
My inner heart
and SHE first and always,
belongs to me.

She is also revered, honoured and
worshipped by my beloved

If he honours the most sacred walls within me,
Give me one valid reason why I should take
Anything less than respect from you?

© Lhamo 2022 | Ministry of She

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