Mother Daughter Soul Contracts : Part 1

Every child is born with a soul contract with her mother.

She has a gift or teaching to give her mother, soul to soul.

Some soul gifts are easy for the mother to receive they could be opening to love, stepping into power, trusting her value, sharing her wisdom.

Other contracts feel like pulling teeth, almost like our babe has exactly the right medicine, just by being herself, to push us to the edges of who we know ourselves to be.

Her strong will pushes us to grow a backbone.

Her clinginess pushes us to look at our own collapsed edges and where we find it easier to merge or become abruptly distant than to create and maintain compassionate boundaries.

Her fight for autonomy requires that we face and work through our own unprocessed fears that we have unknowingly wrapped her too tightly in.

We are no longer living in a time where parents are the experts just because.

We are parenting a generation of souls that are asking their parents to actualise and adult themselves like never before. They are asking with love, for us to be the love, that they chose us for.

Love that isn’t perfect, but perfectly imperfectly human. Love that grows and provides the oxygen their souls can breathe in.

Our daughters and sons are simply asking us to step up to live the gifts, love and wisdom imprinted in our soul and by doing so be the parent that can see them completely.

Lhamo 2018


We explore our soul contract with our daughters and seven specific areas of mother-daughter relationships during Ancestressecy.

During our tenderly held and sacred 7-week course, we dive deeply into how our unprocessed fears, anger, grief, relationship to our bodies and our ability to give and receive nurturing directly impacts our daughters.

We open our hearts and souls to the vision of mother that she is asking us to step up to and be.

… and this is as true for our unborn and creative soul babies as it is for our noisy small people…

Learn the simple and powerful tools (that are already within you) that will make sure your relationship challenges with your daughter birth both of you into more and more love.


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