The Shadow of Denial

Talk to me about denial.

What stops you from refusing to look at the story or situation bigger than the one you currently believe?

What has made you so defensive? Why are you so reactive? When did you become so angry?

If you firmly believe in your point of view, why are you not open to seeing what others can see? What fear has made you stubborn, blinkered or dismissive?

If you are so sure, why are you committed to silencing any point of view that makes you think differently?

Talk with me about your denial.

Let me hold the part of you that is scared, gently and tenderly. Let me open soft folds of unconditional love around the wall of refusal you hold onto so tightly. Let me listen to you, deeply.

Let me hear you, without needing to change your mind until you are heard so well that the fear making you close down and refuse to see, melts a little and opens.

Let me listen so well that you remember how good it feels to be heard with respect and sovereignty.

What hurt happened in the past that made you only see truth from your own perspective? What violation crossed your path that made you forget that it is only Universal Truth, truth with a capital T, the truth that includes you and me, that is true for everybody?

  • Was it powerlessness that made you shut down?
  • Was it the cost of not following rules or behaving obediently?
  • Was it the very real price of trying to exercise your sovereignty and being humiliated or punished?

Or is it that you have too many things banking on your point of view. Too many things that terrify you, that you can not and will not open to another perspective because you are buried under an archeology of fear?

On the other side of denial, there is a grace-filled place of beauty where we all can breathe. This place is called Paradox. It is beautiful because it is filled with wonder and mystery. Here, in the grace that holds the truth of all opposites is the bedrock of your intuition. A soul grounded love, where you know your Truth with embodied certainty so deeply you feel no fear.

A place where you can see the many-faceted perspectives of humanity, without judgement or exclusivity, and simultaneously you know your own path of love-filled least resistance.

This is the field beyond names and ideals where we can all be: heard, accepted and free.

You have drawn this shadow today because your stubbornness is strangling the vitality of your open mind or stealing the life force of another. WAKE UP!

You are not standing on the solid ground of empowered sovereignty. You are standing on the seismic plate of ignorance and F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real.

All shadows make us choose the path of death, the place where the ego is exalted* (ACIM) and you are in the shadow of Denial.
Your Higher Self is asking you to drop your defences immediately and feel the emotions locking you in beliefs that make you closed-minded, uncompromising and rigid.

You are being asked to breathe in the oxygen of compassionate love centred thinking and to open to points of view bigger than the ones you currently defend yourself with.

What are you really refusing to believe, take responsibility for or see?

There is a whole other world waiting for you to see.

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 © Lhamo 2021 | Excerpt from “The Little Book of Shadows” available December 2021

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