She in the Centre. How do you call in the Sacred in your women’s circle?

I’m about to admit something that isn’t exactly PC when it comes to women’s circles, I fully own that it has a little to do with my shadow gremlin of cynicism and a lot to do with experiencing a multitude of things called sacred women’s business. But before I make my grand confession, I want to know, how do you call the sacred into your women’s circles?

Which tradition do you follow? Do you open your circle space with a Wiccan protocol? Or are you following your teacher’s way, if so, what is his or her lineage of wisdom?

Is it First Nation American? Dianic? Peruvian Shamanism? Druidic Paganism? Or have you read a book or done an online course but really have no clue the about tradition you use?



What spiritual paradigm do you call on? What reservoir of faith and meaning making do you lean into? Is it your connection to the land around you and your oneness with the Earth inside you? Is it a sense of Interbeingness or sisterhood to all of Great Spirit’s creations? Is it your capacity to surrender to What Is? Do you call the 4 Directions? Do you recite all Her names? Or do draw down the moon?

How do you move your circle space from ordinary time into liminal space and set your self and your women folk into a time that is less ordinary, more reverent (and shall we name it) – more holy?

I want to know because I’m nosey and also, as an Interfaith Minister I really, really love this stuff. I truly believe every woman – and every man for that matter – has their own unique pathway home to the Sacred or Love or God of their own understanding. I am perpetually awed by the incredible beauty of authentic wonderment and I’m deeply curious about how and who you call on to make your circle space special.


Now here is my confession.

I don’t blow smoke to the four directions. I don’t call on the Elements. I don’t recite the Charge of the Goddess, or the Gayathri Mantra, or open to the feminine Ascended Masters of Light. I don’t even bang a drum. But I have (to an almost OCD level) done each one of those things in the past (well, maybe not the drum bit). These days I’m a completely protocol-less irreverent Reverend.

But I do, do one thing, every circle, without fail.


I call on HER inside me. My embodied Divine and Sacred She.

I feel HER in my heart and also in my womb. SHE is the open state of Grace that is my home place, my inner sanctum, a sacred space of silence and listening. It’s to Her I return in my nightly prayers, in my daily meditation, in the breathing space before a counselling client and in my morning dedication. She is my practice and it is to Her, inside me, I return, over and over and over again.

This is my inner practice of calling in the sacred.

All the rest. The gathering prayer, the opening meditation, the lighting of candles, the acknowledgement of the Indigenous Elders and Caretakers of this land, the honouring of ancestors, the waving of smudge to purify and protect space, the holy instant of connection where I bow to the One in every women present, is just familiar repetition of practice. They are the way I take my listening of Her out into circle space, they are my way of making the sacred real … How about you? How do you call Her into your circle space?

Is it time you took your Women’s Circle Leadership to a whole new level? Are you ready to dive deeper than you have gone before and initiate yourself into your own Sacred and Sovereign Self Mastery?


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