Sacred Warriorship : Returning to Soul

Sometimes it’s wonderful being an empath.

I remember when walking the Camino with Pete, there were days when our feet fell into rhythm and silence stretched out between us. Back then, when the internet was birthing and iPhones were a shiny dream, I could hear our beloved friends and family.

Or more rightly, see-feel-hear what they were feeling. It would just happen.

While it could have been the effect of too much Spanish sun, the clarity of my listening was spot on. I knew how the kids were back home; I knew who had news for us. I could feel our darlings praying for us; I also knew who was angry, upset and annoyed.

Just like sweeping the floor, scrying smoke or reading tea leaves, any mundane rhythmic task that occupies our left brain can become a portal to open our empathic listening skills. Listen well enough, and your thoughts will move out of self-focus and find their way into the belonging we share with each other’s souls. This is not an out-there statement. Anyone can learn these tools. They are your birthright as a Divine Human.

And somedays, it’s not so comfy being an empath.

Working out what is yours and what is someone else’s (emotions, projections, unprocessed garbage) is challenging. Discernment requires continual self-examination, and unlike Santiago, it’s not a destination. It’s a lifetime mastery tool and just like learning that our embodied intuition is only the first step in following Divine guidance, discernment teaches us there’s always something deeper.

And sometimes the deeper parts hurt.

Empathy means to be in feeling with another and right now, there are so many who are feeling so much. As an empath or a spiritually sensitive person, to feel so many others while you are also feeling so much is hard. Harder than usual and difficult times call for necessary new things, one of them being : Sacred Warriorship.

What’s that?

Our capacity to stand rooted in Universal Spiritual Wisdom, which means it is true for everyone, then with authenticity, showing up as the part of you that is love, peace, wisdom, wonderment, presence and belonging, and sharing it with all of humanity. Not just the people we love.

Sacred warriorship is the call to stand in your self-mastery, sovereignty and authenticity at all times. As a wise friend said, its the call to take our prayers off our knees and make our ordinary life, our kitchen, our kids, our lovemaking, our garden, sacred. It does not require teachers, a new wardrobe, people to follow you, or gurus.

To activate this you will need to take your empathy and all the skills you have learnt (discernment, intuition, prayer practice, energetic sensitivity and inner communion) and use them while you are having those heart to heart conversations, wrangling kids, managing work and the intensity of our current life. It’s living your unique embodied spirituality.

Sacred warriorship is a clarion call to all Strong Women of our generation. Sacred Warriorship requires all of us to have a new language of live spirituality and meaning-making.


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