The big test for spiritual people


It really is easy to appear spiritual on Facebook. 


It’s even easier on Instagram.


A few beautiful photos, some great quotes, a strategic comment, a smattering of crystals, flowers or essential oils and voila! there’s your brand.


Don’t worry, I’m not judging. I’m doing it too.


The harder thing, if not the hardest thing to do, is to stay your spiritual self when you are around your family.


Especially, when your authentic voice happens to speak a language of beliefs, opinions or lifestyle choices that conflict or oppose your family values or culture. This becomes even harder if you are the Pattern Breaker, the Outcast, or the (reformed) Problem Child – the soul who came in to make sure everyone kept growing. (You’ll know if you’re it, because you were the one who didn’t fit).


If so, every part of your practice of non violence, non reaction, detachment, compassion, mindfulness, boundary work, gentle speech, loving kindness to all and sovereignty, is going to be tested.


BUT if you can stay in your practice and keep breathing and let your guard down AND feel as soft and as vulnerable as you did when you were a kid AND still be at peace, lovingly centred in your adult wisdom then – AWESOME WORK and wow, what a great family. This is the hope I have for my kids when they get older, radical acceptance of their authenticity and belonging, I mean this sincerely.


If you can’t then its back to shadow work and it’s time to heal your Mother and Father Lines. It’s time to step into the soul work of healing your embodied inheritance.


In MotherQuest we start our great spiral into living your womanly wisdom by entering the terrain of Ancestresscy (Yes, I’ve made it a word). Ancestresscy is the reclaiming of your Herstories, the healing of your enculturated and inherited oppression and the authentication of your soul, while also owning your embodied inheritance. It is the process of transforming your own and your future generations’ inherited destiny.


With the first Mandala of Sacred Mother Wisdom in MotherQuest you learn the simple but profoundly moving skills to stay true to your compassionate, clear, true, fierce, soft, wise, creative, whole selves, while also standing right in the roots of your belonging to your family.


It starts with a deceptively simple act:


Owning your belonging to your birth Mother’s lineage.


For some, this first Quest is easy.


For most, it is a momentous challenge that becomes breathtakingly beautiful as the hurts stop and the healing happens. The view from this healed perspective is nothing short of transformational. Nothing needs to change, no great confrontation or even catharsis, but nothing remains the same. Why? Because all it takes to make a miracle, is a change of perception and when your perception about your belonging changes and your perceived or expereinced abandonment or rejection shifts, life cannot remain unchanged.


Want to join us? We start November 4th, both online and in-person. You can sign up here.

MotherQuest : 13 Mandalas of Sacred Mother Wisdom alive in every woman.

Lhamo x

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